How to decorate a white bathroom: useful tips for 3 different styles



Here are 3 different ideas to give your white bathroom a unique and refined style

Advice on how to decorate a white bathroom

It is a well-known fact that the bathroom is a sacred place where we all spend a lot of our time, which is why it should not only be practical and functional, but also welcoming, comfortable and aesthetically harmonious.

Today everyone is free to create their own bathroom in the colour of their choice, and the choices are varied, but white remains evergreen in its appeal as it is extremely versatile and adaptable to any context.

Whether you prefer a bathroom in a classic and elegant style or a more minimalist and contemporary one, white is the perfect solution. Whether glossy or matt, the whiteness of this colour is capable of transmitting purity, tranquillity, and peace, ideal characteristics for this place of extreme relaxation.

But how can we give life to our little corner of paradise and select the right furniture to enhance this space while remaining in line with our tastes?

Let us show you our tips on how to furnish a bathroom through lighting, colour combinations, and the choice of furniture, regardless of size.


Furnishing a bathroom: the main rules

When furnishing a bathroom, the main rules are:

  • Pay particular attention to light
  • Organise and plan the space
  • Choose the right colours

It is essential to make the most of natural light through very large windows, where possible, which give air and brightness to the room, but remember to make the most of smaller windows too.

Furthermore, if the bathroom is already dark by itself, it is better to adopt solutions that include curtains with light and transparent fabrics but that still maintain your privacy.

Very often we have to deal with blind bathrooms (where no windows are present at all), but don’t panic! In this case it is advisable to use spotlights, ceiling lights, or LEDs to enhance the depth of the room.

The light must illuminate the bathroom in an intense and uniform way, for this reason it is preferable to position our light source in a frontal way in order to create a diffused effect.

We are not always fortunate enough to have very large bathrooms, but if we make the most of them we can still achieve elegant and luxurious bathrooms even in small spaces.


One small trick is to choose light-coloured and continuous wall and floor coverings, such as stone or marble, so that the room appears bright.

But another useful trick is to make the most of mirrors, which should ideally be very large and located in strategic points. In this way the sense of depth will be increased and the surfaces will appear larger.

However, we recommend positioning them in a place that is as visible as possible from the entrance to the room in order to produce the maximum effect!

Light colours tend to be favoured for bathrooms, ranging from light blue to turquoise, white in all its various shades, and beige. In the interiors of our environment white can be the dominant colour, but it can also be an almost imperceptible minor detail.

In fact many other alternatives exist, particularly those relating to materials and bathroom furniture that enhance the natural tones of wood to maximum effect, even a strong combination such as black and white, which is typical of a modern, metropolitan style.

Below you will find 3 examples of completely different styles to take inspiration from when furnishing your bathroom.


Total white: classic bathrooms

If a completely white style is preferred, we can create classic bathrooms where linearity and simplicity play the central role.

In this case we often recommend sinks with a delicate profile and free standing or suspended bathroom fixtures, washbasins, and cabinets.  Suspended bathroom furniture gives a sense of lightness and precision.

If the space available is limited, it is preferable to choose a shower cubicle, which can be made of either fully transparent glass or satin-finished glass with white edging and a marble or stone shower tray. For larger bathrooms, which have the necessary space, you can also opt for bathtubs, especially minimal and freestanding models.

However, for this type of bathroom, which is extremely elegant, it is important to pay attention to every detail, every accessory must be studied and must have the same shade, whether considering the shelves, containers, wall units, or furniture.


Where heaven meets earth: using wood to decorate a Scandinavian-style bathroom

If you’d prefer to decorate your bathroom with a bit of movement, you could choose to use the beige tones of natural materials such as wood. Indeed white is a perfect match for these hues which add warmth to the ambience of the room.

The white bathroom with wooden-like furniture and details conveys both a rustic style in a Shabby theme, but is also typical of Scandinavian bathrooms, characterised by accessories in this material, which contrast with the lighter tones of the walls.

Wooden-like furniture are used as washbasin shelves with a minimal and linear look, larger shelves, drawer units, but also for benches or stools or even floor as in this picture, which give a sense of immersion in nature, characteristic of a Nordic style.

The use of white and wooden-like furniture can be found in every detail, the important factor being that it represents a particular harmony capable of balancing all the elements in the room, but above all capable of standing out as a whole.


Modern Black and White Bathrooms

Whether you choose light walls and surfaces with black bathroom fixtures or white bathroom fixtures against a dark backdrop, needless to say, these two colours complement each other.

Contrary to popular belief, a black bathroom can be a winning solution. In fact the combination and contrast of light and dark have the ability to establish your bathroom as an extremely luxurious and elegant space.

If you decide to dare with a monochrome bathroom in black and white, the combinations can be extremely varied, dark furniture on light-coloured walls or vice versa.

Your imagination can run wild with the use of bathroom furniture such as cabinets, shelves, and storage units, which can be black or white depending on your personal preferences.

The material that is perfectly suited to this context is marble, whether white like Carrara marble or dark like Pietra d’Avola stone. In any case, either option will guarantee you an undoubtedly refined and fascinating result.

Light colours tend to be preferred for bathrooms, ranging from light blue to aqua green, white in all its shades and beige. White can be the dominant colour in our environment, but it can also be an almost imperceptible secondary detail.

In fact, there are many other alternatives, particularly those relating to materials and bathroom furniture that bring out the natural tones of wood to the maximum, and even very strong combinations of black and white, typical of a modern, metropolitan style.

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