Pushing Limits: The Bold Curl Chaise Longue



“Technological limitations, material limitations … for an industrial designer, limitations are the spice of life”

According to renowned Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni, pushing the limits helps make us feel alive. Talking about his Curl chaise longue, a timeless piece made entirely from natural stone, he explained “the more limits there are, the more obstacles I encounter, the greater the level of engineering, creativity and capacity to find solutions that emerges”.


To reproduce the lightness of this distinctive item of furniture when it is made from such a traditionally weighty material as stone is a challenge that requires not only tenacity but also inventiveness, which is why the designer describes it as “a symbolic project, because it springs from a series of limitations”.

Speaking in greater detail about those restraints, he also touches on some of the qualities and solutions that enabled them to be overcome. “After a lot of thought, we found a way to optimise the quantity of material, managing to lighten its structural characteristics and finally to produce it. The way it’s made is extremely smart and highly industrial: it’s made, it’s built by a human being and a robot. It’s true, it exists”.


The result is a chaise longue that is the essence of lightness and curvy lines, with its fluid contour that challenges preconceived notions of how stone can be used. It represents boldness and ingenuity, and is the epitome of what can be achieved when you truly test the boundaries of possibility.

Again, in the words of Piero Lissoni “Technological limitations, material limitations … for an industrial designer, limitations are the spice of life”.

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