Salvatori’s Spaghetti texture receives a Compasso d’Onore Honourable Mention



In other words, our Spaghetti texture will forever be considered as an example of Italian design excellence

Spaghetti, designed by Elisa Ossino for Salvatori, is recognised with an Honourable Mention

We are delighted to share the news that our Spaghetti texture, designed by Elisa Ossino, received an Honourable Mention from the international jury of the 28th edition of the ADI Compasso d’Oro (Golden Compass) awards.

Launched in 1954, the Compasso d’Oro is the oldest and most prestigious design award in the world and we are proud that our innovation, craftmanship and creativity have been deemed worthy of recognition.

It also means that we enter the hallowed archives of the ADI Compass d’Oro collection, which is deemed by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Activities and Heritage as being of “exceptional artistic and historic interest”.


A homage to Italian artisan skill

Spaghetti is an elegant texture that represents the very best of Italy’s renowned craftmanship. Even its name, which captures its elegant fluted pattern, is an iconic symbol of Italian culture.

Its delicate undulating curves are achieved by using latest-generation machinery and a level of precision engineering that is usually associated with high-end jewellery making.

The final aesthetic effect undergoes subtle changes depending on the colour of stone used. Bianco Carrara illuminates a space, while the warm creamy tones of Crema d’Orcia Select create a soft, welcoming atmosphere. Rich, chocolatey-brown Pietra d’Avola is perfect for adding strong contrast, whereas Silk Georgette® limestone, with its unusual greige shades is the epitome of elegance.


A complete and versatile collection

Spaghetti is more than a texture, but is part of a wider family that comprises tapware and vanity unit facings, making it easy to create a Salvatori Total Look bathroom, where every element works together to deliver our signature look of understated luxury.

Spaghetti’s delicate lines bring the stone’s surface alive in a mesmerising, seemingly infinite pattern that invites you to reach out and caress it.


A nod to our innovative DNA

Receiving an Honourable Mention from the Compasso d’Oro jury is an important accolade for Salvatori.

Our commitment to continuing a long tradition of artisanal skill but combining it with advanced engineering technology has been fundamental to helping us set the benchmark when it comes to natural stone and the world of design.

It goes without saying that we are extremely proud to have been recognised in such a way, but it is the result not just of our own know-how, determination and passion, but also thanks to our clients, partners and suppliers.

It also motivates us more than ever to keep pushing the boundaries to enable us to offer innovative solutions that combine function and form, and showcase the extraordinary beauty of natural stone.

To find out more about Spaghetti and our full range of elegant, innovative stone textures, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always delighted to be involved in bringing design visions to life.

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