Our Urano globe light is set to light up the stage with Andrea Bocelli at his upcoming “Believe in Christmas” concert



'Believe in Christmas'

We are truly delighted to share the news that our Urano lamp, hand-finished by our master craftsmen in our Tuscan atelier, will take to the stage as part of Andrea Bocelli’s “Believe in Christmas” one-off concert, a global livestream event set to take place on Saturday 12 December.

A perfect sphere carved out of a single piece of sumptuous white Carrara marble, the Urano was chosen by the event’s creative director Franco Dragone, known for his work with Cirque Du Soleil, to be part of the staging for the song “White Christmas” which Bocelli will sing with acclaimed Italian star Zucchero Fornaciari. Seven of these luminous globes in the 50-cm variant will be adding a touch of Christmas magic with their ethereal soft lighting.


The idea behind Believe in Christmas is to provide inspiration and support through the medium of music during these difficult times, with the pandemic having brought the music and entertainment industries to a near standstill. It is something Gabriele Salvatori, our CEO, is particularly passionate about: “Music expresses the joy in our hearts and surely there is no better antidote in this difficult period. I want to thank Andrea Bocelli for giving us the chance to make a concrete gesture in support of the world of music, an art I absolutely love and which is an intrinsic part of my everyday life.”


This will be the second online concert starring Andrea Bocelli, following on from the phenomenal success of his Easter show recorded at Milan’s magnificent main cathedral.  Unlike the first performance, however, Believe in Christmas is a “one-off event,” only available for listening and viewing on the day on a pay-per-view basis, although to meet the needs of a global audience, the concert will be streamed over multiple time zones.

In addition to the great tenor himself, the event will feature an orchestra and a host of guests of honour, all of whom will be under the talented creative eye of Franco Dragone, a noted name himself in the entertainment world. Known first and foremost for his pivotal work in establishing Cirque du Soliel’s as an artistic powerhouse, he has worked with names such as Celine Dion and directed both the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 Football World Cup.


The concert will be livestreamed from the Regio di Parma theatre in Northern Italy, considered by opera lovers as holding its own with Milan’s La Scala (after which it is modelled) and Venice’s La Fenice, and a venue that has seen plenty of extraordinary stars grace its stage, including Luciano Pavarotti and, way back in 1829, Maria Callas.

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