Bathroom interior ideas: how to match colours



Learn how to match colours for the interiors of a bathroom combining different materials and shades

How to match colours in a bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It must be extremely functional, but above all elegant and welcoming.

In order to transform this room into a perfect relaxing corner with a refined design, it is essential to choose the right combination of colours and materials.

Colour has great potential: it can transmit emotions and feelings. For this reason, when choosing the tones for a bathroom it is important to be clear about what you want to express: soft and neutral colours to evoke calm, strong and bright shades to give energy.

In this article Salvatori offers you some of the most popular bathroom wall covering solutions to take as inspiration and six effective ideas for colour combinations.


Advice on how to choose bathroom tiles

One aspect to take into consideration when choosing bathroom tiles and coverings is the size of the room.

If the space is small, the colour you choose should help make it more spacious visually. The colours of the walls of a small bathroom, for example, should bring to mind light and pastel shades, or classic white, which is an evergreen tone that never goes out of fashion and always guarantees very refined bathrooms.

If, on the other hand, we are lucky enough to have a large, well-lit room, we have already seen how a total black bathroom can prove to be an excellent solution.

The same attention should be paid to the choice of furniture colours: in the case of small bathrooms it is advisable to opt for furnishings with light and shiny surfaces, while in the case of larger spaces it is possible to dare with opaque but darker and more intense shades.


Bathroom decor ideas

The main coverings for bathrooms are:

  • Stone-effect bathroom wall tiles
  • Wood-effect bathroom wall tiles
  • Marble bathroom wall tiles

When we have to choose how to pair colours in a bathroom it is best to start with the larger areas, such as the floor and walls, and only then move on to the decor such as furniture and shelves, and then finish with the accessories.

The bathroom with stone surfaces is a timeless choice, as well as one of the most popular coverings, because it can satisfy both those who want to obtain a rustic interior and those who like more minimalist and contemporary environments.

Shower coverings and tiles with a stone-effect are very popular. In particular, shower trays made of this material offer many advantages: easy cleaning, greater resistance to atmospheric agents and unalterable surfaces, representing the right compromise between aesthetics and practicality.


Salvatori offers several solutions for raised shower trays; one particular example is the Ishiburo collection, which elegantly blends into the context of a contemporary, designer bathroom.

The rustic yet simultaneously elegant charm of wood is always appreciated and more and more people also want to use it in the bathroom.

However, this is a ‘living’ material, which splinters, dents, and changes colour, and which could therefore be more easily damaged over time, especially if in contact with water.

Fortunately, many solutions exist for wood-effect bathroom coverings, which, thanks to current production technologies, allow us to reproduce the same characteristics and enjoy the same aesthetic potential.

In this regard, Salvatori proposes Stone Parquet as the ideal solution: a natural stone evolution of traditional wooden floors. Another finish, again made by Salvatori, capable of creating a wood effect is the Chevron, which is generally used on walls.

What has never gone out of fashion, however, are marble bathroom coverings, capable of giving a luxurious and refined result to any environment, thanks to the large slabs in the classic style. In fact this material can be applied to any element: floors, walls, shower trays, bathtubs, furnishings and accessories.

The possibilities are endless: it is resistant and durable and its value is eternal.


Black and white bathroom

A black and white marble bathroom is a choice capable of creating an extremely elegant ambiance and is certainly unconventional.

Dark tones emphasise the majesty of a space and must be enhanced by light sources, capable of highlighting the shapes of objects.

The contrast between black and white avoids the typical shrinking effect of black and gives movement to the whole room, dampening the possible dark effect.

The combination of these two colours is typical of the contemporary metropolitan style, which, however, thanks to the marble material, remains the bearer of a refined eternal beauty.

The pairing of black and white can be admired in this Salvatori bathroom in the walls and furnishings, but especially in the striped marble floor, which alternates between Bianco Carrara and Pietra d’Avola.

The same dark marble can be found in the two freestanding washbasins of the Adda collection, made of ribbed stone.

The covering in this bathroom creates a retro yet at the same time contemporary styled room capable of instilling a sensation of comfort and warmth.


Black and wood bathroom

As we have already seen, black is perfectly suited to every style and material. In particular, the black and wood bathroom represents a wise combination of classic and contemporary: the modernity of the dark colour is matched with a traditional material such as wood.

Salvatori dedicates an entire bathroom collection to the perfect union of marble and wood: the Adda collection.

Specifically, in this solution shown here we see the combination of the dark colour of Pietra d’Avola stone with the warm tones of wood in the wall-mounted washbasin.

The Pietra d’Avola also dominates the entire wall made of Lithoverde®  and is also used in the Silo Cluster hanging lamp.

In addition to this there is also the presence of the Urano Floor Lamp, useful for detailed lighting. Being a small room with dark tones, it is very important to make the most of the lighting and the use of mirrors, such as the elegant Archimede Circle Mirror.


Wood and white effect bathroom

The use of wood can be used both for bathroom coverings and for furniture, fittings, or details. The result is a rustic effect typical of the Nordic style, but also the creation of a relaxing ambiance reminiscent of a spa.

In this Salvatori bathroom, it is the wall-mounted washbasin in stone and dark wood that stands out from the continuity of the all white room.

The wood effect is also created by the choice of wall finish, in this case the Chevron. In spite of the whiteness of Bianco Carrara, this texture shows a herringbone pattern due to the inlay of the pieta, capable of giving a visual effect very similar to wood.

Another detail that will add a touch of style to the whole space is the TABL-EAU towel holder: a modular holder in which natural stone is combined with burnished brass in a balanced harmony.


Grey bathroom

Grey is a prevalent colour in modern bathroom coverings, thanks to its distinct sobriety, innate class, and the possibility it provides to be combined with more vibrant shades. It is a very popular solution because it inspires relaxation, provides atmosphere, and is simple but never banal.

One of the greys proposed by Salvatori is the Gris du Marais®, an absolute master of this bathroom starting from the wall tiles, where it is present in the innovative and eco-sustainable Lithoverde® finish and in the classic Levigato.

The Console with Ninfa washbasin is also made of the same material and represents a simple piece of furniture in which craftsmanship meets precision engineering.

Enriching the environment is the Dritto Coffee Table, which combines the elegance of stone with a bold geometric iron structure.


Grey and white bathroom

Grey goes very well with white: the contemporary side of grey blends perfectly with the classic style of white, making it the ideal colour combination for a modern and attractive bathroom.

In the Salvatori collection there is another shade of grey marble: Grigio Versilia, which alternates with Bianco Carrara in the flooring of this bathroom.

This white, clean, and elegant room features walls with a custom-made Raw finish, capable of revolutionising the classic linearity of marble.

The Bianco Carrara is also present in the furniture of the Anima collection and in details such as the Dritto table. This collection includes furniture with soft, sinuous lines that instil serenity and well-being, as demonstrated by the Freestanding Washbasin and the high-design Circle Mirror.


Cream bathroom

Light shades such as beige, cream and dove grey are the most commonly used in bathroom interiors. These shades have the capacity to create a sense of calm and tranquillity and transmit a sense of lightness and peace because they are reminiscent of the warm, golden hues of sand.

Cream is a neutral colour that makes the most of light, making spaces appear larger, and if applied to furniture the resulting effect is refined and delicate.

For bathroom coverings in beige tones, Salvatori offers a choice of materials such as Crema d’Orcia, Silk Georgette® and Light Travertine.

In this bathroom example, in particular, we see Silk Georgette® used in the Levigato floor and on the walls with the Infinito finish, a classic and refined texture capable of creating plays of light and shadow.

The two Vasco Colonna washbasins are also made of Silk Georgette® and represent a simple but at the same time elegant element, practical to use while incorporating a sophisticated design.

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