4 elegant ideas for designing a marble bathroom



A marble bathroom is synonymous with timeless luxury. Find out all you need to know about our stones and take inspiration from 4 elegant bathrooms.

The eternal elegance of a marble bathroom

Marble is a material of timeless charm and beauty. It has been used since ancient times to create sculptural and architectural works, and today it is still very much in vogue for the use of cladding and furnishings in the home, especially in the bathroom.

Marble cladding, in fact, is capable of giving a touch of exclusivity and luxury that no other material would be able to.

Thanks to new technologies, today marble is much more versatile: there are many different nuances, it goes well with any other material and can be used to make anything.

The beauty it conveys is eternal, and the product itself is also eternal, because it is highly resistant and capable of lasting a long time, without ever going out of fashion.

Choosing a marble bathroom brings with it many advantages: in this article we present advice and solutions for creating modern, luxury marble bathrooms and 4 Salvatori total look examples.


The advantages of a modern marble bathroom

Marble is always a winning choice when it comes to designing modern bathrooms. Among the many benefits that the use of this material guarantees, the most important are 4:

  • It gives added value
  • It’s eternal
  • It’s resistant and durable
  • It gives continuity and brightness

Being an extremely valuable material, using it for cladding or furnishing components will give added value to the bathroom, transforming it into an exclusive and luxurious environment.

The elegance that marble conveys is eternal: a marble bathroom, in fact, never goes out of fashion and, above all, can last over time, thanks to its characteristics of solidity and resistance, fundamental features especially in a room like the bathroom.

In addition, especially in lighter shades, marble walls and floor coverings can give continuity to the room and make it very bright: an excellent solution for furnishing small or poorly lit bathrooms.


Marble bathroom wall and floor coverings

Marble is a malleable material that allows for infinite possibilities. Anything can be created from a block of stone, which is why it is used in all kinds of bathroom furniture and accessories.

The most common solution, however, is to use marble for walls and floors, since this material adapts well to all styles: from the most traditional to the most contemporary context.

For environments with a minimalist taste, it is advisable to choose light-coloured marbles such as Bianco Carrara, which can be produced in different finishes and cut into different sizes, including those that can incorporate the open-book style. On the other hand, for bathrooms with a more contemporary and gritty look, it is better to favour darker coloured marbles.

In any case, the great advantage of marble bathrooms is that marble goes well with everything: it can be combined with different materials such as steel, wood, resins and, moreover, it is possible to combine marbles of different colours for a more creative while nevertheless refined result. Let’s discover together the versatility of marble with 4 beautiful examples of complete Salvatori looks.


A white marble bathroom

The total white marble bathroom represents the most classic choice when opting for marble wall and floor coverings.

In this example, the use of white Bianco Carrara is enhanced by the natural light coming from the side window, whose reflection on this snow white material makes the room immaculate and bright.

Giving movement to the continuum of white are the Stone Parquet floor and wall finishes in Raw, also seen in the Balnea Modular Drawer, which is functional and has great aesthetic impact.

In this bathroom it is evident how marble cladding is perfect for washbasins but also for smaller accessories and this is confirmed by the Freestanding Washbasin from the Balnea collection, capable of giving a refined elegance to the whole room.

This matches very well with other elements, made of the same material, from the Fontane Bianche collection, such as the toothbrush holder, the soap dish and the table mirror.

A vibrant note in this room is offered by the Ikona Stool in Verde Guatemala marble, a colourful and creative piece of design.


Marble and wood bathroom ideas

As we have already mentioned, marble can be combined with different materials: a winning solution is the marble and wood bathroom. This traditional material is perfect for recreating SPA-style environments and helps to soften the linearity of marble, moving away from classicism.

This example is a perfect demonstration of how marble and wood can be perfectly combined in a bathroom. In this case the protagonist is still white Bianco Carrara marble, but it is joined by Thermo-treated Oak in the drawer of the wall-mounted integrated Adda washbasin.

The wall is also in white marble, but the Chevron finish enables another reference to wood: in fact the pattern of the marble’s texture, created by the inlay of the stone, provides an effect similar to wood.

The refinement of marble is also found in the smallest details such as the soap dish, toothbrush holder and the Gravity paperweight, all perfect in this candid context.


A designer marble bathroom

The elegance of marble is capable of enhancing both classic and modern environments: in any case, the result will always be a marble bathroom with a sophisticated design.

Here we find ourselves faced with a triumph of white Bianco Carrara, present on the wall and on the marble floor with a Stone Parquet finish.

Everything in this room is made of the same material, both the furnishings such as the marble washbasin from the Balnea collection and the accessories such as the soap dish and toothbrush holder.

Thanks to the light-coloured tiles, the room is very bright and optically more spacious. This effect is also guaranteed by the help of the large window, which allows a lot of light to enter, and the mirrors, in particular the Mirari backlit mirror, but also the small Fontane Bianche mirror, which are also both made of white Bianco Carrara marble.


A black and white marble bathroom

To create a more modern style, black and white marbles are often combined in bathrooms. One example of this is our bathroom shown here with its contemporary lines.

As for the wall and floor coverings, here we are dealing with a wall in Bianco Carrara Lithoverde® marble, a solution capable of giving movement while remaining very elegant, and a dark floor in Pietra d’Avola.

The same light-coloured marble has been used to create the soft, white furnishings and accessories of the Anima collection: the countertop washbasin, the Circle mirror and the decorative trays.

The same collection also includes the wall-mounted towel rail and the freestanding towel rail: in both cases, the immaculate luminosity of white marble is combined with the hardness of a modern material such as steel. The end result is two design objects that are both functional and give the room a contemporary feel.

A further touch of style is given by the Ikona Stool in Cipollino marble, a demonstration of how marble can be worked and shaped as one desires in order to create any kind of object.

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