Introducing Patchwork, the intriguing new eco-friendly texture by Piero Lissoni



We are proud that the Salvatori brand continues to be a pioneer when it comes to innovative, sustainable design that respects the environment without compromising on aesthetics and functionality

Patchwork is the perfect combination of co-creation and zero waste

Sustainable design is a subject dear to our heart at Salvatori, and is one of the two key themes running through our contributions to Milan Design Week 2023. The other is the concept of co-creation, and our new Patchwork texture is the perfect example of both. Designed by Piero Lissoni, and composed of small tiles from our existing collections, it invites clients to become part of the creative process.

The name Patchwork is an apt description of the effect, which is a striking juxtaposition of different textures placed together to create truly unique décors. Beyond its intriguing aesthetic, however, Patchwork also epitomises the spirit of eco-friendly design that we are committed to developing, with every tile created from offcuts.

It is also the perfect complement to the other 2023 products we are presenting during Fuorisalone, which range from textures in wood and stone to innovative bathroom solutions. Alongside a zero-waste philosophy, we have focused on offering plenty of scope for customisation, putting the creative say into the hands of designers and end clients and allowing them to really have a chance to express their individual style in determining the final result.


An intriguing and stylish mosaic in natural stone

Patchwork is a homage not only to sustainability but also to the harmony between humankind and nature. This innovative texture combines elegance and Made in Italy design values in the interest of contributing to a more sustainable world.

A simple but sophisticated puzzle of different textures, it creates an intriguing three-dimensional mosaic that catches the eye and the light.

With Patchwork, interior designers and end clients can let their imagination run wild and compose potentially infinite configurations simply through the way they choose to assemble their tiles which are a mix of nine of our most popular existing textures, in a single colour.

As mentioned above, along with this approach of co-creation, sustainability is also at the heart of this latest texture and we believe this adds an important dimension to its appeal. We have long been champions of eco-friendly design and processes, and we are committed to optimising every fragment of the precious natural stone we are privileged to work with.


Creations such as Lithoverde®, Romboo, Lost Stones and the brand-new Passepartout epitomise how elegant design and respect for the environment are not mutually exclusive. With its extreme zero-waste philosophy, Patchwork represents yet another tangible step towards a more sustainable future in which respect for our planet’s natural resources is a priority, and not just a “nice to have”.

We like to think of Patchwork as a form of poetry written in stone. Perhaps we could even go so far as to think of it as our very own Rosetta Stone, helping unlock the secret to the language of eco-friendly design! We invite you to be the judge, and visit our showroom during Milan Design Week 2023 to discover how understated luxury, innovative design and an abiding passion for a more sustainable world can coexist in stylish harmony.


Designer Piero Lissoni’s thoughts on his latest texture

What was the creative spark that inspired Patchwork?
In truth, the inspiration came through a combination of experimentation and intuition. I’m constantly immersed in the world of textures, and I had the idea to reinvent them by mixing up existing ones and cutting them in different ways. My idea was to put them together in a dynamic patchwork with no strict structure or pre-determined pattern.

What role did the choice of material play in shaping the essence of this design?
At the very heart of Patchwork is the idea of finding the best possible way to use every scrap of the resources Nature provides us with. This approach means minimising waste and I focused not only on the formal use of natural stone, but also on the physical aspect by assembling pieces in a different way so that every bit becomes usable.

What effect did you want to achieve with Patchwork?
I wanted to create a surprising sensorial experience, with a vibrant light effect and irregular surfaces. Also, what’s really special about this texture is the creative freedom it offers. There are no predefined rules or limits, so everyone can create the pattern they want. It’s a little like a complex mathematic formula, where there are infinite ways to arrive at the solution, but that solution will be the same. In this case, by “the same”, I mean truly stunning walls.

With Patchwork, Salvatori and Piero Lissoni hand the creative reins to designers and home owners, inviting them to express their style and vision to create striking three-dimensional feature walls. It also offers a fourth dimension, which is environmental responsibility, by offering the reassurance of great design that does not impact on our planet’s precious resources.

We invite you to discover Patchwork and much more at our showroom at via Solferino 11 in the Brera district of Milan next week as part of Fuorisalone 2023.

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