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If you’re looking for bathroom ideas, why not take a look at our solutions for stylish designer modern showers.

The elegance and comfort of a modern designer shower

Over the past few years, we have seen something of a revolution in the simple shower, with a host of new shapes, materials and design approaches, to the point that it is now seen as a pivotal aspect of a modern bathroom.

There is little doubt that a shower is far more common than a bathtub, not only because it occupies less space, but also for the way it meets the demands of a modern lifestyle where time is of the essence and we are looking for practical solutions.

That said, however, functionality doesn’t have to come at the cost of aesthetics, and with the right design eye, a shower can combine elegance and comfort. More recently, there is a tendency towards showers with clean, minimal lines that take up less space and have fewer walls or elements that can distract the eye or visually clutter a bathroom.

In this article, we share ideas and solutions to help you create your own stylish but functional modern designer shower.


The 3 characteristics of a modern shower

A shower isn’t only a place where you can quickly have a wash. For many of us, it represents a haven where we can shut the rest of the world out and simply relax. There is something very cathartic about the shower ritual, so why not create a gorgeous environment that elevates the experience?

The classic shower cubicle or box is all very well, but if you want to take aesthetics to another level, there are a host of other creative (and far more elegant) options.

Modern designer showers all have 3 things in common:

  • They are spacious
  • They tend to be minimalist and pared-back in design
  • Their materials are generally of the highest quality and are simply beautiful to behold

What sets them apart is their sense of spaciousness, due not only to their dimensions, but also the fact that they tend not to feel closed-in by doors and walls on all sides. The absence of support bars and heavy-looking frames opens them up visually, for a minimalist, essential look that enhances the entire look and feel of the bathroom.

The choice of materials is also key to not only the look, but also practicality, and a true designer shower does not skimp here. Natural stone is ideal, as it is hardwearing, long-lasting, easy to clean and, last but not least, lovely to both eye and touch.

Let’s take a look at how to create a stylish and practical modern designer shower, with 5 original, inspiring examples.


Open up your mind and space

The walk-in shower is always a winning choice if your bathroom’s size and shape can accommodate it. Its defining characteristic is that it has no door, so with one side left completely open, you enjoy a sensation of freedom when you’re inside, while looking at it from outside, there is a sense of greater space. Another advantage is that it is easy to access, an important consideration if you have mobility issues, or just appreciate the sheer convenience of not having to open and shut doors!

There are 3 main types of walk-in shower: corner, recessed and floating, and the walls may be in transparent glass or in the same material as the rest of the room. There is nowhere to hide when it comes to aesthetics, as it is an integral part of the rest of the bathroom, so attention to design is paramount.

In this example we have a Balnea shower tray, made from a single block of Silk Georgette® limestone, encased in walls in the same material in our Rain texture, while the floor is in a classic honed finish. Instead of seeming squashed or claustrophobic, as it might have with a traditional box solution, this long, narrow bathroom becomes harmonious and inviting.


Harmony and elegance

As we wrote above, modern showers tend to be pared-back in appearance, with just a very few components and a clean, uncluttered visual. This makes them adaptable to any look, as well as a great solution for bathrooms of any size and layout, no matter how small.

A popular design choice is a flush shower tray, which simply means that it is installed at the same level as the floor. The main advantage is that you get a uniform, uninterrupted surface, meaning you end up with a lovely fluid look. And, because you have no ledges or changes in height at floor level, the room appears larger.

We can see this concept at work in this bathroom in the soft creamy tones of Crema d’Orcia, with its shower walls in Infinito texture and a Filo flush shower tray with slats in the same stone for an overall sensation of harmony and balance.


Be daring with the walls

It’s time to talk about walls. If you want to give your bathroom a modern makeover, and are aiming for a designer look where the shower walls will be on show, they need to either be the same as the rest of the room, or at least work with them. So, whatever you choose, it needs to deliver on that famous double of function and form.

This is where natural stone comes into its own. Not only hardwearing and able to withstand exposure to water, it delivers on the aesthetics front and is also extremely versatile, with a myriad of innovative, stylish textures. So, why not transform your daily shower into an experience that also nurtures your soul?

This bathroom wall in Chevron texture makes for a striking, sophisticated backdrop to the Filo raised shower, lending a touch of original style without overwhelming or seeming ostentatious.


Accessories, accessories, accessories

We often say it, and we’ll say it again: smart modern design is all about striking the right blend of elegance and functionality, and that applies right down to the smallest detail, including your shower accessories.

Something as simple as a hook to keep your towel handy can become a stunning design element rather than a mere functional necessity. Our Fontane Bianche wall hooks were created with this ethos in mind. With their simple but bold shape and variety of sizes and colours, you can let your creative flair loose, positioning them as though they were works of art.

And, given each is carved from a single piece of gorgeous natural stone, it’s fair to consider them as sculptures, making them the absolute embodiment of functional design.


Keeping the bare necessities at hand

Continuing the theme of accessories and keeping things handy, let’s look at another example that meets the criteria of a modern-style shower.

There is no point following the rules and creating a beautiful minimalist shower space if you then go and clutter it with accessories. At the same time, it shouldn’t be so stark and stripped-back that it ceases to be practical. After all, a shower is also a precious chance to relax, so you want to have necessities such as soap and shampoo close at hand, rather than having to do gymnastics to reach them.

A recessed niche is a great solution, but if the thickness of your walls doesn’t allow for this, a simple shelf such as our Linea also ticks the boxes of being practical, understated and, of course, elegant. A simple piece of natural stone in a dark metallic frame, it adds that perfect touch of Made in Italy design to your daily shower ritual.

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