How to decorate a luxury living room



Discover our tips and examples to furnish an elegant and luxurious living room

4 Styles to decorate an elegant and luxurious living room

Above all else the living room is the room of the house that reflects our style: being able to furnish an elegant and luxurious living room is a perfect way to enrich the whole house. Understanding the essential features, however, may not be easy: what are the best materials and colours? And how is the desired style limited or restricted by the space?

If you are thinking of decorating your space in a sophisticated living room style and you have asked yourself these questions, discover with us how furnishing an elegant and luxurious living room is not so complicated, and how these measures are so versatile they can be adapted to 4 common yet diverse styles.


Furnishing a modern luxury living room: choose high-quality materials

An excellent starting point for understanding how to furnish a living room that is both elegant and luxurious is the choice of materials.

For a luxury living room we would strongly discourage the use of artificial or non-durable materials.

Choosing a high-quality and long-lasting material such as marble is an excellent decision, both for wall and floor coverings and for furnishing accessories: always remember that the style of the living room reflects the entire style of the house to visitors.


As well as being beautiful, and always a sign of elegance, choosing natural stone opens up many possibilities: thanks to its continuous research Salvatori has developed highly technological processing techniques, which make it possible to achieve an incredible range of styles with a single material.

Combined with the extreme natural variability of marble, textures such as the warm Stone Parquet, the precious Tratti or the geometric Bamboo make it possible to give style and elegance to any environment in an instant.


Neutral tones for a simple elegant living room

Choosing colours for the living room area certainly depends on personal taste, but if you want a sophisticated living room then neutral tones are the best choice.

For example some excellent living room colours are:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Dove Grey
  • Beige

These tonalities have an innate simplicity about them, which not only ensures a sober and elegant atmosphere, but also makes it easy to create effective combinations of coverings and furniture. Too many different colours or too many bright colours risk creating a confusing and unwelcoming environment.

This is another reason why natural stone fits perfectly in an elegant living room: its characteristic neutral tones have always been synonymous with refinement.

To create a bit of movement, it is possible to use luxury living room decor that focus more on textures than on colours: creating a wall covering in Crema d’Orcia Select Stone Tatami for example, adds a neutral touch of nature and oriental tradition to the room.


The importance of comfort and practicality

When it comes to choosing living room furniture that is elegant and luxurious, we’re not just talking about aesthetics. The concept of luxury is immediately associated with that of comfort: it is essential to create a practical environment that meets all our needs.

The choice of furnishing elements must therefore meet two fundamental requirements:

  • Beauty
  • Functionality

Selecting valuable but impractical elements is an ineffective strategy.

From the choice of lighting to the choice of furniture, each element should be tailored to the person who is going to live in and use the room. Installing storage units with elegant lines and plenty of storage space is an excellent first step: for example, all our modular drawers, such as Balnea or Anima, are designed to provide plenty of storage space and at the same time to integrate perfectly into the environment, thanks to their high degree of customisation.

The use of precious materials, along with sophisticated and functional furniture does not, however, limit the style of a modern elegant living room: let’s see how it is possible, taking into account these simple and fundamental cornerstones, to create many different styles, thanks to the incredible development of interior design.


Scandinavian Living Room

The first style we will analyse together is the Scandinavian style.

Inspired by the furniture of northern European countries, this style is characterised by strong organisation and the enhancement of natural light. An essential style, which eliminates the superfluous and relies on the warmth of wood is perfect.

As we have already mentioned, a material such as marble can be extremely versatile and perfectly reproduce the nuances of wood. This is the case in the living room we are proposing: with very high windows, the light perfectly illuminates the warm Stone Parquet in Crema d’Orcia and the walls in Rain Silk Georgette®.

The sense of warmth provided by wood from the northern forests is immediate. The simple and elegant furnishings tie the whole room together, creating a comfortable and cosy living room.

The essential lines of the Dritto coffee table and the Proiezioni coffee table, combined with the curves of the delightful Urano lamp, fit perfectly into this space. From the ceiling, the elegant Farfalla lamp hovers lightly and illuminates the only accent of colour in the whole room: the small-scale sculptural Archimera house.

The prestige of the marble and the elegance of the workmanship give this living room a perfect Scandinavian look.


Vintage Living Room 

Creating an elegant and luxurious living room in perfect vintage style can be more complicated. The choice of furniture and upholstery or coverings must be well calibrated and balanced, so as not to risk creating an environment that is too antique or out of fashion.

In this case too, wood plays a very important role, but combined with soft, romantic lines and the use of leather details.

In this elegant living room in a classic style, we find once again the sophisticated Stone Parquet, this time in Bianco Carrara, to give warmth and elegance to the environment.


The entire living room is designed down to the smallest detail: on the elegant Proiezioni and Love Me, Love Me Not coffee tables, the furniture accessories blend perfectly with the rest of the room. Made in Bianco Carrara, like the floor, and in leather, like the sophisticated armchairs, the Lui&Lei tray and candle holder unite the integrity of marble with the softness of leather, in a union that pays perfect homage to the cornerstones of vintage furniture.

On the fireplace, the soft lines of the Omaggio a Morandi sculptures perfectly complement the romantic wall panelling. Once again, the versatility of marble reveals itself in all its simplicity.


Minimalist Living Room

The minimalist living room is a living room that winks at the modern: unusual materials and innovative shapes are at the heart of this style, combined with the total elimination of frills.

Airy, clean, and essential surroundings are the perfect example of a minimalist living room.

To create an elegant and luxurious living room in this style, marble is always a good choice, as long as you change the finish. In this modern luxury living room, for example, the choice of a simple finish such as the Levigato Silk Georgette® for the floor gave movement to the whole room without weighing it down.

For the furnishings, the choice was made to use elements that totally distort the stoicity of marble and highlight its extremely malleable characteristics: from the slender elegance of the essential Dritto tables, through to the characteristic geometric shapes of the Ikona stool, and the incredible Curl chaise longue, unexpectedly sculpted from a single block of stone.

In homage to the geometries of this environment comes the choice of Intarsi wall art, which adorn the wall above the sofa: clean lines and natural materials create an extremely elegant minimalist living room.


Industrial Living Room

The last type of living room we will examine together is the industrial one. In this environment there is a predominant use of leather, metals, and rough-looking walls in dark tones.

When you think of this type of environment, more rustic and lived-in, it seems truly impossible to create an elegant and luxurious space. However there is a solution, and it always starts with the choice of elegant and precious materials.

In the living room that we propose here, the deep tones of Pietra d’Avola are able to give style and rhythm to the environment, thanks to the choice of the refined Plissé finish. The Kilos bookend and the Omaggio a Morandi sculpture, displayed on the elegant Proiezioni coffee table, embellish the traditional brown leather sofa typical of this style.

The result is an elegant ambience of fine materials that does not detract from the rough characteristics of the industrial living room.

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