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At Salvatori, we know that no two projects are the same. With our origins as specialists in natural stone, we have over 70 years experience in advising clients on the sophisticated nuances of stone, as well as the expertise to know the right quarry – and even where in the quarry – to extract material with the characteristics best suited a particular job.


Launching a bespoke contract service alongside our range of standardised products was a natural step to take. We realised that many people who came to us to source a type of stone would then need to go to several other contractors such as a joiner, lighting specialist and so on. It was a particularly time-consuming process for the client and the margin of error was high, especially as mistakes were often only noticed once the products had been delivered.


So, ten years ago, we decided to take this service to another level. We created a completely separate department specifically to handle bespoke requests, and hired people with expertise across several different industries, from lighting to furniture design. Not only were we able to customise the stone to the needs of the client in a more cost-efficient way but, because we removed the need to work with many different contractors, we could make the lives of our clients, the architects and designers, much easier.


In the intervening years, we have continued to grow this aspect of the business. Today, we are able to step in at the beginning of a project, overseeing everything from the job site, wherever it may be, taking measurements, producing drawings and renderings, to producing and coordinating the products in any material required, concluding with delivery and installation. With one point of contact for the client, there are fewer people to coordinate, and the faster lead times and simplified logistics that come from producing and checked everything in one place, means it is a completely seamless process.


I think we may be the only company that is able to provide this level of service, and it is something we will continue to invest in. From organising delivery by helicopter to expanding our object library resources, we are committed to finding new ways to serve our clients and assist them in realising truly unique projects – offering, with our team of designers, engineers and architects, much more than just a product customisation service.

Gabriele Salvatori – CEO Salvatori

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