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There is at least one person from every family in this part of Tuscany who has worked with stone

An intimate understanding of the materials we use – and the expertise to work them to the best effect – has long been at the heart of Salvatori. As a design brand rooted in natural stone, we have for decades pioneered new ways thinking about our industry, establishing a reputation for innovation and experience that is today continued by the highly skilled employees at our factory in Tuscany. Able to maintain a continuity with this tradition of excellence, as well as to adapt to new ways of working as our product line develops, the workers continue to safeguard Salvatori’s reputation as we expand into new, exciting areas.

We spoke to those behind the scenes at the factory to find out more.


Marco (joined 2007)

What appeals to you about working with stone?

There is at least one person from every family in this part of Tuscany who has worked with stone. My grandfather and two uncles worked in the quarries. It’s in our blood when you grow up here!

It can be tiring – my grandfather told me after a year working here: “You entered the company as a boy, one year later you are a man”. You have to be focused, so you don’t damage the products or cause an injury, but there is a satisfaction that comes from creating something that nobody else does.

To what degree are the skills and techniques you use traditional?

Mainly they are traditional – we use machines but they need us there to feed the tiles in and check them as they come out. With my experience I understand the characteristics of a particular stone and know how to adjust the machine, and what abrasive to use, for example.


Francesco (joined 2007)

Could you outline the process from the raw stone coming into the factory to the finished product leaving?

The material arrives in precut sizes but it’s in a raw state, and each piece goes into a machine to regulate the blocks to an exact size and width. Then we look at all the variations of colour for each type of stone and grade it, putting them into groups of similar tonality before we create the texture in our specially designed machines. We check every piece as it comes off the line before it’s packed to pick up defects and outliers in terms of tonality.

What do you like about your job?

I didn’t grow up with a dream of a specific vocation, and I came to Salvatori almost by accident. But I have learned a trade, learnt how to work with stone, and every year I learn more because we are always innovating.


Mirco (joined 2006)

What are the particular challenges in working with stone?

It’s hard work physically but stone is special – it’s completely natural. It might not be particularly nice to look at when it arrives but every stage makes it more beautiful.

How important is expertise in your job?

Anyone can put a piece of stone in a machine but it’s the preparation before it goes in which makes experience so important – checking that each tile is absolutely the precise measurement. Then, when each piece comes out of the machine, you have to check the stone again with your eyes and hands.

Giovanni (joined 1994)

How did you come to your role?

I started working in the stone sector when I was 15. I started here when I was around 27 and I’ve been here almost 25 years.

What appeals to you about working with stone?

The variation – you do so many different things each day, but it can be challenging. You have to be patient with stone !

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