The 5 rules for an elegant modern-style dining room



Are you looking to create an elegant, modern dining room or space? We’ve put together the 5 rules for contemporary chic dining room design.

The 5 essential rules for an elegant modern dining space

The concept of what a dining room should be has changed substantially over the years, no longer solely considered a separate space only for main meals and used only on special occasions.

Instead, modern dining rooms have become fluid, multi-functional spaces which can be used to share moments with friends and family or equally, to study or work.

With this expanded role, the dining room is now an independent space that may either be isolated from the rest of the house or integrated with the kitchen or dining room in an open plan layout.

In either case, when it comes to designing and furnishing the dining room, it is important to find the right balance between style and functionality. In this article, we provide tips to help achieve this, with 5 key rules to follow for an elegant, modern dining area.


The core elements of a modern dining area

Modern interior style is based around a minimalist design with clean lines and neutral colours that work together in spacious environments. The idea of a modern dining space is, in fact, all about creating harmony and class through the use of just a few elements, but these should be simple and contemporary, so that there is no risk of a bland, boring room, particularly one in which we spend plenty of time.

The main objective when setting about furnishing a dining room or area is to ensure it is practical, functional and, importantly, welcoming and comfortable, particularly given that it is often a part of the living zone. Achieving all this in a modern yet elegant style is not easy, as you need to consider the role of the following aspects:

  • Materials
  • Lighting
  • Furnishings
  • Dimensions

Let’s take a look at 5 simple rules for an elegant modern dining space.


Choose the right materials

Unsurprisingly, the choice of materials and colours of the walls and floor of a dining area play a key role in determining the style of the space. Modern decor tends to be characterised by soft, neutral tones and of course white is a very popular safe choice.

When it comes to materials, natural stone is a perfect choice because it allows you to create a chic, stylish environment, that lends itself to contemporary design mores.

You can make an elegant impact by introducing a contrasting colour or material on the walls, with an example such as our Plissé that lends movement and depth to the entire space.

You can take this a step further by placing different materials together, and one of the most natural and elegant combinations is stone with wood or metal, for a distinctive, refined look.


The magic of lighting

Perhaps more than in any other room in the house, lighting is an absolutely crucial element in the dining room as it is required not only to showcase what you are eating, but should also create a convivial atmosphere.

Above all, in an environment with a lack of natural light, you will need to give particular thought to how to resolve this with artificial lighting. As a rule, the ideal solution here is a combination of spotlights or LED lamps inserted in the ceiling together with some form of light hanging directly above the dining table. This should be functional but is also the opportunity to create a theatrical or wow effect.

For a modern-style dining room, there is no reason not to be a little daring with a striking chandelier such as our Silo, made from 26 cylinders, each carved from a piece of natural stone, for a look that is undeniably contemporary yet elegant.


Choose a fantastic table

Thinking about the items of furniture you will choose for a dining area, there is one element that is the undisputed star, and of course, that is the table. Here, the same rules of modern design apply, meaning you should look for clean, simple lines that create a sense of spaciousness.

This is, after all, the centre point of the room and defines its identity and if you are aiming for a modern, elegant dining room, the design of the table is everything.

The ideal choice is a table with a light silhouette and unusual form such as oval or circular, and our W dining table fits the bill perfectly with its distinctive legs and wafer-thin top.


Make the most of your available space

If your dining room or area is small, you need to think carefully about how to make the best of every corner or space available, but without cluttering the room.

The idea here is to look for pieces that combine functionality and style, including shelves or modular storage systems such as our Balnea drawers with offer space-saving solutions in a decidedly modern way.

When placed together with the right table, as discussed above, they create a cohesive, user-friendly environment that is a pleasure to spend time in.


Create fluidity

The dining room is an environment that should foster conviviality and this is one of the principles behind the evolution of the open plan layout where your dining table is a part of the living room or kitchen.

This solution means you can conduct different types of activity at the same time in the same space, for a more simple, functional outcome. Open plan living is also ideal where you don’t have an abundance of space as there is no need for walls which could result in small, pokey rooms rather than a lovely welcoming series of spaces that run into one another and where moving around is effortless.

This fluidity should also be reflected in your aesthetic choices, particularly when it comes to the colour scheme, choosing a single tone and a consistent style across your furnishings.

Having said that, it is important to create some sort of distinction between the various zones and here sideboards, divans and bookcases, such as our Colonnata, are ideal.

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