ADA 2021: the collaboration between Salvatori and Anastassiades continues for ADA 2021



Discover all there is to know about our collaboration with the Archiproducts Design Awards

Our Collaboration with ADA 2021 continues

After the success of the last edition, our collaboration with Archiproducts follows in 2021 for the Archiproducts Design Awards, awards celebrating international design’s excellence. Even for this year, the designers of the winning products shall receive an award that embodies/brings all the value that has made our company always stand out in this sector as a recognition.

An award developed in collaboration with Michael Anastassiades, which perfectly goes with the synergy of technique and creativity, which are the inspiring principle of this important recognition.


An aery monolith

The design of the award, an hexagonal monolith, simply recalls the shapes of the Awards logo: Anastassiades’ design, in fact, originates from the two-dimensional symbol of the award ceremony which has now become iconic, transforming it into an imposing and at the same time weightless solid.

Engraved on the upper side, to reproduce the characteristic logo in stylized precision, the prism is sculpted reclined (so to rest) on one side only. Thanks to the incision, the inclination and the rounded edges, this delicate design solid performs complex light games, changing appearance depending on the point of view from which you look at it

A truly winning design, which we decided to use again for this second year, changing its heart: from the delicate and candid Bianco Carrara that characterized the 2020 edition, we chose a marble with deep and contrasting tones for this year.

“The award for designers this year will be made in Nero Marquinia, a stone that I am sure will be able to increase the perception of materiality of this iconic element while maintaining the clean and timeless design”, these are the words of our CEO Gabriele Salvatori.

A deep black, interlined by white veins and small grey inflections, which give this delicate prism an incredible character. A prominent prize destined to defy time.


The Salvatori style: a perfect mixture of craftsmanship and innovation

Every single award bears the mark of our style: limitless care and precision, which we put into every process. We have always distinguished ourselves for the ability to combine the highest technology, which we often develop and adapt ourselves (we are the only ones in the sector that have an internal research and development team, with specialized engineers who work every day to improve our techniques) , an impeccable knowledge of traditional processes.

In the making of this award, we have placed all our experience: each element is born in the form of a cylinder from a single block of marble, wisely chosen by our craftsmen, who thanks to their expertise are able to foresee the veins hidden inside.

After extracting the stone cylinders from the block, we combined several of our numerically controlled machines to give the stone a precise cut, to the millimetre. Finally, each piece is then hand-finished for over 40 minutes by our craftsmen: a necessary procedure, able to bring out the light and the true soul of the stone.

A long and elaborate job: it took 4 hours to create each of these precious elements. The simple and immediate demonstration of the commitment and dedication we dedicated to each of our products, regardless of size. An aspect that, together with the use of the best materials, has led our name to be considered a synonym of quality over the years.


Salvatori and Anastassiades: a long collaboration

The design of the ADA award is just the last piece of a partnership that has linked us to Michael Anastassiades for years.

We share a love for natural materials with the well-known Cypriot architect, combined with the desire to develop designs that fully respect their intrinsic characteristics. For this reason, we both prefer techniques with which we manipulate the materials without altering their essence: our processes are opaque, as the stone naturally is, and not subjected to any treatment to make them become shiny.

Two iconic products from our collections were born from our work with Anastassiades. The first is the collection of tables ‘Love me, Love me not’ conceived using unique and precious marbles, to perfectly enhance the royalty that has always accompanied natural stone.


Essential and at the same time majestic designs, the result of our most advanced processing techniques, thanks to which we have decided to recreate the Dining Table in Rouge du Roi in a perfect 1:10 scale, included in the collection Miniature an ambitious project, which allows the experience of the highest peaks of design in the palm of your hands. Unmissable items for every enthusiast and collector, and ideal gifts for any architect and designer.

The second product is the series of sculptures ‘The End of the Affair’ designed to accompany the ‘Love me, Love me not’ tables. Inspired by the Japanese art of Suseiki, the lines of these sculptures reflect the aspects of statuary and imposing volcanoes with simplicity and precision, forming a truly spectacular looking limited-edition series.

Our name in the field of design is a synonymous of quality and professionalism, thanks to the care and commitment we put into each of the products that come out of our factories. From the modification of the processing systems, to the hand finishing, we customize our techniques to always create products fit for the highest level.

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