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Salvatori offers a range of comprehensive services to help architects and designers bring their visions to life and get the most out of natural stone

Salvatori’s range of services designed for architects

An architect’s work is a demanding one that not only requires technical skill and creative flair but also a certain amount of intuition as you must understand your client’s taste, interpret their expectations and follow a project through to completion, often having to overcome challenges along the way. It can often be a delicate process juggling different aspects, and knowing the limits to which you can push different materials and techniques.

Choosing Salvatori not only means quality products with timeless elegance, but also finding yourself with a design partner ready to share decades of expertise working with natural stone. We work alongside architects and interior designers to develop the best possible solutions to bring their visions to life, offering support through all phases right through to installation.

In this article, we explain the extra miles we go to make every design and project a success.


Free access to digital resources

Renderings have become an indispensable element of any design project, with clients wanting to understand just how the final result will look. It certainly makes it easier to understand the overall look and details, but it also requires time to create an accurate representation.

We have worked with architects and designers from all over the world for many years, so we are very aware of the importance of this delicate phase when it comes to gaining clients’ buy-in to a design and then their approval. To make this part of the process easier, we have created a comprehensive resource library of SketchUp, AutoCAD and Revit files for all our products.

They can be accessed for free by simply logging in to the reserved area of our website where we have collated 2D and 3D files, in addition to useful technical manuals including installation and assembly documents.

The files can be inserted directly into a rendering with no need to modify or redesign it, making for significant time savings and more accurate, detailed presentations.


Free technical and design consultations

There is no doubt that natural stone is a precious and fascinating material, with its incredible variations in colour and patterning, so it has long been a popular choice among architects and artists. At the same time, however, its unique nature and structure calls for a certain level of know-how when it comes to working with it. From weight to slab dimensions, there are certain aspects that will affect how stone can be used.

There is also the fact that different stones are more suited to certain usages than others. One example is the level of porosity, as this determines a stone’s propensity to absorb substances that could stain it. Clearly, this impacts on where and how it is best used.

To really get the best out of this wonderful material and understand its limits and how to get around challenges it may present, the input of a partner who knows it inside out is invaluable. Our experts are always happy to share the benefits of our experience to help architects bring their ideas to fruition. We provide complimentary consultations to demonstrate the potential of our natural stones, help resolve any potential challenges and add value through suggesting innovative ways to use it. This service is available whether you are thinking of using our standard products or are looking for a bespoke soluton.


Fast delivery of samples around the world

It can sometimes be difficult to truly understand or make out the nuances or patterns of a natural material such as stone by looking at images on a computer screen. There is nothing like being able to see a tile and note the way it interacts with the light, and feel its surface. Textures such as our Raw are designed to respond to light, which adds an extra dimension to the tile through interplays of shadow that are difficult to reproduce in pixels. When you can experiment with this yourself, it opens the mind to possibilities, including how to incorporate the various light sources into a design.

Architects and designers can get up close and personal to our textures and appreciate their full potential simply by selecting the samples of interest on the Merchandising page of our website. Once you have paid, your order will be sent out within a couple of days.

Of course, if possible, the ideal situation is to visit a Salvatori showroom where you will not only find a complete range of samples of all our key stones and textures, but complete displays showing how our products can create stunning interiors, from bathroom to bedroom to living zones. What’s more, our expert consults can answer any questions you may have on the spot.


On-site support

We were founded in 1946, meaning that we have accumulated over 75 years of experience working with natural stone. Over the years, we have developed many techniques to minimise the likelihood of subpar installation and to reduce some of the pitfalls traditionally associated with stone. For example, our Plug&Play solutions in our bathroom lines are designed to radically simplify installation, saving time, stress and budget.

We also apply our knowledge to the engineering and construction site sides of things, delivering solutions to make for a smooth process. This includes thinking outside the box when confronted with ambitious designs, as was the case with the ETH science lab in Zurich when we not only worked with the architects to come up with a design solution, but also modified machinery to move the giant slabs that were part of the project.

Other support comes in the form of detailed installation guides, video tutorials and technical instructions, all designed to ensure full support.

Outstanding designs call for creativity, vision and passion from architects and designers, but without thorough knowledge when it comes to the materials and installation, there is a risk the final results are compromised. We invite you to take a look at just some of the projects we have been involved in or contact us to know more about the services we offer industry professionals.

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