6 must-see stylish bathroom décor ideas



Are you planning a bathroom makeover and are looking for inspiration? Discover 6 Salvatori-style examples to help you design your dream bathroom.

6 stylish bathroom décor ideas

Once upon a time, the bathroom was considered merely as a functional room that you spent time in solely to perform essential ablutions, but over the years, its role has changed and it has taken on a whole new aspect and importance.

That evolution has also meant a rethink of bathroom interior design, with far more attention now being paid to this area. While this opens the door to creativity and choice, it also makes things a little more complicated, as you need to think carefully about every element, from surface materials right through to the smallest accessories.

To help simplify things, we’ve put together 6 simple Salvatori-look bathroom décor ideas that we hope will not only be useful, but inspiring.


The importance of the bathroom

As we wrote in the introduction, our perception today of the bathroom has changed considerably in comparison with a few years ago, although one thing remains untouched, and that is its practical role. First and foremost, its layout and furnishings must accommodate those daily tasks such as cleaning your teeth or having a shower, enabling you to carry them out with ease.

Where modern bathrooms differ, however, from their predecessors, is that they are now seen as “temples” or havens that should foster relaxation and wellbeing. As such, they can no longer be treated as second-class citizens when it comes to their contents, but instead should be aesthetically pleasing and offer a pleasant, soothing atmosphere.

Combining these two necessities is not always easy in any room, but in the bathroom, with its must-have items such as sanitaryware, it can be even trickier.


Thinking about size

The other key consideration is the size of the bathroom, particularly as it is often the smallest room in the home, and with the best will (or interior designer) in the world, you may still have to face the fact that some of your decorating ideas are just not going to fit.

Obviously, if you are working with a small bathroom, you’ll need to choose compact, streamlined pieces that take up as little room as possible. If, on the other hand, space is no issue, you should choose statement pieces and bolder design elements that don’t risk being swallowed up in a large room.

Let’s take a look at how to make the most of this important room, whatever the size, with 6 stylish and practical bathroom décor solutions.


A bathroom with a shower only

Inevitably one of the biggest discussion points when designing a bathroom is shower versus bathtub. There is no right or wrong answer here, as it depends on two things only. The first is the size of the bathroom and the second is personal preference.

In a small bathroom, a shower obviously makes sense as it occupies significantly less room than a bathtub. In this case, the next decision will most likely be the material it is made from, and the key thing here is that it is hardwearing, but ideally it should also be elegant so that it becomes a striking décor element too.

This bathroom features a shower that manages to combine both these aspects, making the most of a long narrow nook. The Balnea shower tray in Crema d’Orcia limestone blends perfectly with the floor in the same material for an elegant, seamless look, while the Dritto side table offers a handy and stylish surface for holding essential items.


A bathroom with a bathtub

There is something about a bathtub that can completely transform a room into a truly theatrical setting. If you are fortunate enough to have a large bathroom, it is the single element that can fill the space and draw attention, so it’s important to choose a bathtub that is worthy of all the attention.

A freestanding tub is the perfect solution in such a situation, such as this stunning bathroom in Silk Georgette® in honed and Infinito textures. Here, the Anima bathtub in the same stone is the undoubted star of the show, although the supporting cast in the form of the mirror, basin and even the soap dish and toothbrush holder, all from the same collection, play their parts to perfection to create a truly special bathroom with a view.


A single-colour bathroom

Key to creating the perfect bathroom look is the choice of material and colour for the floor and walls. If you are looking to create a harmonious environment, the easiest option is to go for a single colour. Here, however, that choice becomes even more important than ever, as colour has an incredible ability to play with our visual perception by expanding or shrinking a space.

If you have a large bathroom, where you want to create depth, we recommend you choose a single colour from a dark palette. If, instead, you are working with a small bathroom, paler tones such as beige or white are called for as they will amplify the space and make it appear lighter and airier.

This long, narrow bathroom is the perfect example of the transformative power of warm, pale colours, in this case our Crema d’Orcia, in Bamboo and honed finishes. Truly a single-colour bathroom, right down to the Alfeo basin and Ciane modular drawers, despite the lack of windows, it delivers a welcoming, elegant atmosphere that does not feel in the least cramped. The final touch is the Archimede ‘Rectangle’ mirror that is perfectly in keeping with the proportions of this original and stylish modern bathroom.


A functional bathroom

We are passionate about gorgeous interiors, but we also believe that aesthetics shouldn’t come at the cost of functionality, and particularly when it comes to bathrooms. When all is said and done, a beautiful bathroom is of no relevance if it doesn’t stand up to the rigours of the daily tasks it is designed to perform.

For a bathroom to be practical, it must be easy to move around in and it needs to include surfaces for placing those items that need to be close at hand because they are used every day.

We are known for the way we combine function and form in furnishings and accessories in natural stone, but we also extend this approach to other materials, as can be seen in the Quadro mirror in this elegant modest-sized bathroom. The frame of the mirror is in burnished brass and is almost 7 cm deep, providing a handy ledge for cosmetics and toiletries while further surface space comes courtesy of the Stiletto wall-mounted basin.


A stylish bathroom

Choosing a harmonious and cohesive style for your bathroom is a way of demonstrating that you believe it deserves an investment in design, but the next step is choosing just what type of look you want to achieve, whether that is minimalist, vintage, classic or industrial, just to name a handful.

A simple approach to elevate a bathroom to a stylish yet soothing environment with an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and wellbeing is to harmonise the entire décor, from wall and floor materials right down to the smallest accessories.

This dark, moody bathroom draws on Scandinavian design principles, with its clean, simple lines and elements in wood. The wall in our Chevron texture in Pietra d’Avola limestone is the perfect backdrop for a freestanding basin from the Adda collection, here in Silk Georgette® clad in ribbed walnut for that lovely sensation of warmth that is so typical of Nordic design.

A TABL-EAU towel rail and Archimede ‘Circle’ mirror add the finishing touches to create a unique bathroom that exudes understated luxury, making it a room you most definitely will enjoy spending time in.


An accessorised bathroom

One last aspect to consider when you are planning a bathroom makeover or designing from scratch is the choice of accessories. As we often say, the details really do make an enormous difference, often bringing an entire look together, as demonstrated in this bathroom.

It’s not only the freestanding Anima towel rack that makes a statement, but also the Ikona stool in Verde Guatemala marble, while the Fontane Bianche toothbrush holder and Pietra L11 soap dish may be hard to see in this image, but up close they echo the care and attention that has gone into creating a designer bathroom. They also work perfectly with the inviting, fluid curves of the Anima basins, against a wall in Lithoverde®, our eco-friendly texture made from offcuts of natural stone.

Last, but not least, two pieces of wall art from the Intarsi collection with their striking geometric contrast of Bianco Carrara marble and Pietra d’Avola limestone inject flair and an artistic flourish to complete an original, stylish bathroom that is much more than the sum of its parts.

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