Private villa in Posillipo with magical views of Naples


Salvatori natural stone echoes the magical beauty of the Gulf of Naples in this homage to Italian tradition and the beauty of the Mediterranean

This project takes us to the Gulf of Naples and the neighbourhood of Posillipo, an exclusive residential area perched on a hill amid parks and gardens overlooking the sparkling Tyrrhenian Sea.

The breathtaking panorama and vivid colours of the gulf were the inspiration for IRACI Architects in the design of this 280-square metre private villa which seamlessly brings the exterior environment indoors. The first thing that strikes you when you enter is the extraordinary sense of light, a combination of the extensive use of white Carrara marble throughout the home and the vast windows that create a series of frames for the dazzling blue water beyond.

This is a home that communicates constantly with outdoors. Inside you find the same depth of perspective that a glimpse of the sea brings to mind. The furnishings and liberal use of the colour white remove visual obstacles that could distract the eye, inexorably drawing your glance to the glorious view outside.

Rays of light reflect off the elegant batons of Stone Parquet, laid in a herringbone pattern and used on the floors of the living zones, terrace and bathrooms.

In the living area, a feature wall in Tratti is the backdrop to an inviting arrangement of sofas and a small fireplace for those rare cool winter evenings. This wall in Bianco Carrara Tratti with delicate midnight-black metal accents lends a sense of dynamism and rhythm to the environment, while also serving to subtly delineate the sofa nook from the rest of the living area.

A pair of Salvatori Farfalla ceiling lights flutter gently above the dining table. The elongated slender rods of Bianco Carrara hang in a simple yet sophisticated composition that accentuates the ethereal sensation of the space. The result is a light, airy environment that beckons you to sit down, free your mind of thoughts and simply relax.

In the main bathroom, the all-white theme continues, again with Stone Parquet on the floor but with Romboo on the walls and, in an original touch, also on the ceiling. The small diamond-shaped tiles that make up this fascinating texture play with the light to create an everchanging dynamic, almost three-dimensional effect. This bathroom with its ultra-modern walk-in shower epitomises how a functional room can become a stunning haven of wellbeing.

Stone Parquet in Bianco Carrara continues outside where it is used for the wide terrace with its enticing views of the iconic form of Vesuvius and the magical island of Capri. A comfortable divan provides the perfect soft contrast to the cool white marble, inviting you to sit and feast on the postcard scene before you as the sun goes down.

When combined with original and artful design, our palette of neutral tones and understated aesthetic are guaranteed to create elegant, head-turning environments. This project is the perfect example of how one stone and colour can be used throughout a space in such a way as to create interest and variation, simply by combining different textures.

Design by Studio IRACI Architects


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