Franciacorta Villa: a haven in the midst of nature


Discover this enchanting villa designed by Marco Carini, where our natural stone is in perfect harmony with the surrounding forest.

Discover designer Marco Carini’s innovative and thoughtful design in this delightful villa surrounded by nature and featuring Salvatori natural stone.

“There is no inside, there is no outside when you immerse yourself in nature.” These are the words designer Marco Carini uses to sum up the vision behind Leaf Sound, a nature-inspired villa nestled in a clearing surrounded by hundreds of centuries-old trees in the heart of the Franciacorta wine region in Northern Italy

Given the intrinsic magic of this magnificent location, the idea was to create a home that would perfectly harmonise with the environment.

Despite an imposed classic aesthetic for its construction, the villa emanates a continuous affinity with its surroundings through a structure comprised of large windows along the entire perimeter that is reminiscent of a large greenhouse with a Flemish feel.

Thanks to the great openness of the space, an incredible continuum is created between the outdoor and indoor areas and so, when it came time to create the furnishings of the villa, it was decided to primarily use natural materials in homage to the breath-taking view of the woods.

To bring together the natural essence of the structure, the architect selected our natural stones to complement the elements of wood and glass to create a small natural oasis.

Our materials can be found throughout the entire villa, starting with the grand staircase that connects the two upper floors and the lower level where an inviting spa area seems to have been carved from the earth itself.

Deep tones of Pietra d’Avola stones were chosen to create the staircase. This dark, intense and highly resistant material lends itself to any interior design style and truly comes to life when installed in sufficiently bright areas. Thanks to the large windows, each step stands out incredibly, making the staircase a beautiful accent in the overall décor of the house.

In keeping with the natural flow of the design, the use of Pietra d’Avola stone ushers you into the spacious kitchen. Our renowned bespoke service is truly evident here in this magnificent kitchen where we custom-produced a large countertop in Pietra d’Avola for the central island. Paired with cabinet doors in the same stone, the effect is a single majestic block of natural stone.

Alongside Pietra d’Avola is Gris du Marais®, a grey-brown marble that is exclusive to Salvatori. Carini chose this elegant dappled stone for the master bedroom to give it a touch of sustainable design grandeur in the form of Lithoverde®. 99% composed of recycled stone, with the remaining 1% an eco-friendly resin, this texture represents a revolution in the field of interior design and is used here for the walk-in wardrobe and partial room divider.

Gris du Marais® also gives shape and prominence to the enormous showers, in a gorgeous combination of Lithoverde® and Cotone. You almost feel as though you are in a kind of grotto, completely at one with nature. Adding to the truly incredible sensation of fluidity in each bathroom is the Filo flush shower tray.

Leaf Sound epitomises the Salvatori philosophy of bringing out the inherent beauty in the gifts provided by Mother Nature, honouring their unique and glorious imperfections, rather than trying to supress them.

Here they work in harmony to help create a true haven, fostering a sense of serenity and wellbeing.

Design by Marco Carini


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