Patchwork is the ultimate example of sustainability and bespoke design. Designed by Piero Lissoni, this novel wall texture is the result of our ongoing determination to make use of every possible scrap of material while at the same time seeking to widen the scope for customisable designs.

Just as its name suggests, Patchwork is a type of mosaic, made up of tiles in a random selection of some of our most iconic textures, all in the same colour stone, which are placed together to create a unique and exclusive three-dimensional feature wall.

With Patchwork, interior designers and end clients can let their imagination run wild and compose potentially infinite configurations simply through the way they choose to assemble their tiles.

Patchwork also demonstrates how innovative thinking can be applied to waste material to reduce waste and help safeguard our precious natural resources. It is the perfect example of how a sustainable approach to design does not have to mean compromise on aesthetics, but instead, how it pushes us to find surprising and striking new solutions.

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