The Hito collection is an intriguing fusion of architecture, design and innovation. Designed to transform the bathroom into a relaxing, eye-pleasing sanctuary that exudes luxury and comfort, this sophisticated range of pieces effortlessly combines painstaking details and elegant forms using stone, glass and wood.

Inspired by the Japanese culture’s renowned attention to detail and wellbeing, Piero Lissoni brings together minimalism and functionality in a contemporary aesthetic that centres around the individual and their needs.

The name HITO [人] comes from the Japanese world for “person” and its very simplicity is redolent of Oriental pared-back style. It also showcases our individuality, and the collection lives up to this by celebrating our myriad of differences and recognising that we all have different rituals and rhythms, particularly when it comes to how we see the role of the bathroom environment. As such, Lissoni has designed a series of modular elements that can be configured in a myriad of ways to create bespoke solutions.

The collection comprises countertop and integrated washbasins, modular drawer units, floating shelves, mirrors, stools, a freestanding set of drawers, accessories for organising drawers and last, but not least, a compact fridge for storing face creams and other beauty products.

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