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Create your design from the comfort of your sofa

We offer two levels of design support, both of which are absolutely free. If you are unable, or prefer not, to travel, you can book an online consultation from anywhere in the world. During the call, you can explain to one of our experts the look or effect you are aiming for, and then together you can browse through our catalogues.

Across our [Walls&Floors], [Bathroom] and [Home collections], we have hundreds of products, but you have the advantage that your consultant can guide you to those that best fit your brief and are compatible with any particular limitations or challenges of where they will be installed. For example, a flush shower tray may not be the best solution for an old apartment if you don’t have the necessary floor depth available. Once you’ve narrowed down your ideas, we will send you a document with a layout of the space in question. Essentially, you create a design without leaving your home!

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Bespoke design with our showroom specialists

If you have a larger project in mind, you might like to visit one of our showrooms for a more indepth consultation. Again, speaking with one of our team, you will go through your ideas and specific requirements step by step. We will look at any physical or technical constraints or criteria of your location, and suggest ways to circumvent them. Again, we will help develop a sketch of the layout, showing how the various elements of the space work together, and provide tips for maximising elements such as lighting to create a real wow effect.

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_Your personal lookbook

Something that really helps us to help you is if you can prepare a lookbook or collection of images that capture the look or style you want to create. That can be in either digital form, using [Pinterest] or your own collection of photos, or it might be a physical scrapbook of images you have cut from magazines, [catalogues] and other sources of [inspiration].

Developing your own design for your makeover can be a particularly rewarding experience and once you have brought it to life, you can take a lot of pleasure and pride in knowing you did it (almost) on your own. It makes it even more personal and unique!

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