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8 ways Salvatori simplifies installation and construction

You’ve agreed designs with your client, selected the materials, had the budget approved, and now you’ve reached the phase of the project where it’s time to transform your creative vision into reality. However, while it may seem the most straightforward stage, it is also one of the most critical ones as a badly implemented installation can be costly and difficult to reverse.

We believe that if a client has selected our quality materials, it’s important that they are enjoyed for years as we intended them to be, which is why we offer a range of tools and services to help ensure this happens.

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1. Videos and installation guides

Every product comes with a comprehensive guide, downloadable from our website, which takes you step by step through the installation process.
They say the devil is in the details, and we apply that not only to our products themselves, but also to these guides which includes information regarding pre-treatment, lighting, cleaning products and even the colour of the grout where necessary.
There are currently over 20 videos available which list all the key information to know about our products, and we are developing more every week.

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2. Plug & Play

One of the principles which guides every product we develop is ease of installation and as such we look for solutions which takes as much of the onsite work out of this as possible. For example, our shower trays are designed in such a way that you don’t need to try and coordinate a plumber, builder and stone mason, as they can easily be installed by a builder alone. They, as well as the majority of our basins, also come with a waste meaning less time and stress thinking about that. Many of our products come with extras such as the drill bit you’ll need or a template to help you understand where to drill holes. Seemingly simple things, but they go a long way to reducing possible mistakes and delays.

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3. Packaging by space

If a project involves many different spaces, we will pack products by space rather than product type, so that when everything reaches the site, there is no need to divide up all the basins, for example, and work out which one goes in which room. We’ll have done that for you, with clear labels and instructions. We also pack tiles with the ideal mix of tone and veining for each space.

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4. Layout guides

For projects where pieces have been cut to size or a particularly expert level of laying is required to optimise the effect (this is usually for walls, floors or staircases) we will number the pieces and provide a layout of where each piece should go.

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5. Out of the box solutions

Not all locations are created equal and our engineering department are skilled at coming up with innovative solutions for narrow or limited access. That solution can be the packaging itself or related to the product. For example, one project specified pieces measuring 150 x 150 cm which needed to get to a third floor apartment in London. The staircase was too narrow to accommodate the crate, their was no way of getting a crane close to the window which, in any case was also too small. Our solution? We found a way to cut the pieces smaller but to then install them in such a way that the eye perceived them to be as large as the architect had envisaged them.

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7. Onsite resource

In London and the Milan area, our team members can visit a site and provide support, advice and practical guidance whilst in some other locations we can provide a Salvatori-approved installer to carry out the work or supervise a team.

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8. Centuries of experience working with stone

There is one further benefit of working with Salvatori and that is our nationality. For centuries Italians have worked with stone, crafting it into beautiful and long-lasting works of art and buildings. As a culture it is fair to say we have an innate understanding of this wonderful material and this profound knowledge has been passed down the generations together with the techniques and all those little tricks which make working with it so much easier.