We’re not stopping. It’s a difficult time but we’re not stopping.




Dear clients, suppliers and friends,

In this difficult and unprecedented moment when the spotlight is on Italy, I wanted to communicate how we at Salvatori are adjusting to the Coronavirus situation.

Our staff and families are fine but our hearts go out to our friends, whether at a personal or business level, who are based in the north of Italy. For my entire country, no matter which town, city or region, these are tough times. We are facing something completely unknown.

And so, it is also difficult to know how to react. We are in Tuscany in an area which is almost entirely unaffected. But we ask ourselves questions. Should we close in solidarity with our compatriots in the north? Should we close down as a precaution? But that would create a negative ripple effect at the very moment Italy needs as many of its businesses as possible to keep going.

So, we are going ahead, adopting the approach of “business as usual” as far as we can. However, we have taken steps and put in place technological arrangements so that all staff members whose presence is not strictly necessary onsite can work from home. We have also taken the difficult decision to temporarily close our Milan showroom to help contain the situation.

Our priority as a company right now is to do our bit to limit any potential spread whilst minimising disruption to our clients. At this stage we do not anticipate any delays, but we do ask for understanding from our clients and suppliers alike as together we all try to get through this tough and challenging situation.

Gabriele Salvatori

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