Salvatori presents The Small Hours, the new bathroom collection by Patricia Urquiola



Patricia Urquiola revisits bathroom decor with a collection that combines a variety of geometric forms, materials and colours to create a haven that pleases the senses and fosters a sense of intimacy

Salvatori presents our first bathroom collection designed in collaboration with Patricia Urquiola

The understated Salvatori style and the fresh, original aesthetic of Patricia Urquiola combine in “The Small Hours”, a brand-new bathroom collection that redefines the concept of a functional yet welcoming setting.

The range, which transcends usual preconceptions about bathroom décor, is inspired by the peacefulness of those gentle early hours of the day, a time when the outside world seems as though in a limbo and you have precious time to gather your thoughts and indulge in contemplation.

Natural, metamorphic stone is contrasted with smooth, manmade steel, and the collection also sees new colours added to the neutral palette of limestones and marbles the Salvatori name is usually associated with.


The concept and its inspiration

The name "The Small Hours" refers to that special atmosphere that accompanies daybreak, that intimate moment of solitary reflection before the world awakes to a new day.

Patricia Urquiola’s idea was that every element of the collection should reflect this feeling of calmness and concentration, thus transforming the bathroom from a mere functional space into a personal sanctuary.

At the same time, “The Small Hours” is designed to reposition the bathroom as a setting that nurtures both body and spirit, so that it becomes a haven in which you begin each day in the very best way and your morning routine is a ritual of contemplation and pleasure.


What’s in the collection?

The anchor points of the collection are the washbasins in a choice of wall-hung, freestanding and countertop variants. Available in both circular and rectangular options, they create an eye-pleasing dialogue of clean lines and geometry. They are complemented by splashbacks and shelving solutions that combine steel, wood and natural stone.

The collection also includes innovative elements that could be considered works of arts, in the form of shower trays in non-conventional shapes and a round bathtub featuring a stone exterior and steel interior.

Another original element is the pop-style backlit mirror, which comes in a choice of round and rectangular shapes and can be adorned with the words “Believe me or your eyes” in a paraphrased version of a famous Groucho Marx quote.

Rounding out “The Small Hours” is a comprehensive range of bathroom accessories including a waste bin, tissue box, soap dish, toilet brush set and a series of linen towels in a variety of colours.


Stones and textures

The juxtaposition of materials is a defining aspect of the collection, with steel lending a streamlined and modern feel, wood adding a touch of warmth and natural stone bringing its renowned timeless beauty.

There is also news when it comes to the choice of stone, with Salvatori’s emblematic neutral palette being joined by two vibrant green marbles called Verde Guatemala and Verde Antico.

Last but not least, the collection includes a texture. Named Quadricola after the typical exercise books used in Italy which feature squares rather than lines, it is a mosaic of six tiles. Its versatility opens up a raft of design and laying options, particularly in unconventionally-shaped spaces. On the aesthetic side of things, it also offers interesting possibility, including options such as Verde Antico in our Cotone finish, which creates an invitingly tactile effect.

Salvatori_Eventi_Salone 2021 (36)

Design and materials

With "The Small Hours", Patricia Urquiola introduces a design language that fuses geometry and functionality. At the heart of this dialogue is the cylindrical shape, used to impose architectural rigour and bring harmony to the various elements.

Another distinctive design aspect of the collection is the interaction between materials. With its brilliance and durability, steel is envisaged as a type of visual glue that connects the different surfaces and textures, acting as both a structural and aesthetic element, and creating an intriguing contrast with the softness of wood and majesty of stone.

With its incredible range of colours and veining patterns, natural stone is the undoubted star of the collection. An enduring symbol of luxury and longevity, here its multi-faceted beauty is fully explored and utilised in an innovative, artful manner. It finds its perfect counterpoint in walnut wood, noted for its warmth and elegance, qualities which shine through the various pieces that make up the collection.

In summary, “The Small Hours” makes a statement with a design that showcases deceptively simple forms and a synergy between materials to create contemporary and elegant havens that foster a sense of emotional and physical wellbeing and invite us to start each day in serenity.

“The Small Hours” is the latest expression of both Salvatori and Patrica Urquiola’s commitment to innovation, quality and exploring new approaches to bathroom décor.

We invite you to discover it at first hand during Milan Design Week 2024, when our showroom at via Solferino 11 will be open every day until late.

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