Our Curl chaise longue wins at the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2021



“Best sculpted form”

Our Curl chaise longue, designed by Piero Lissoni and brought to life by our team of skilled artisans at the Salvatori atelier in Northern Tuscany, scooped the prize for “Best sculpted forms” at the 2021 edition of the Wallpaper* Design Awards.


A contemporary interpretation of a classic chaise longue, Curl is the brainchild of renowned Italian design Piero Lissoni who has respected the comfort synonymous with this type of chair, bringing it to life in natural stone. The starting point is a single block of glorious white marble or luxuriant dark brown limestone which is then shaped by following Michelangelo’s approach of “merely removing the stone that was surplus to requirements”. The result is an item of furniture with a soft, fluid silhouette that appears so light as to defy the very concept of natural stone.


The Wallpaper* Design Awards recognise designers and products that set themselves apart from the rest in the manner in which they respond to the demands of a continuously evolving world. They are a celebration of how outstanding design can nourish the soul and lift our spirits, reminding us of the small joys in everyday life.


As our CEO, Gabriele Salvatori, explains: “We are truly delighted to have been selected by Wallpaper*. These are prestigious awards, so it’s wonderful that our Curl chaise longue has been recognised as the best sculpted form of the year. As a company, our mission is to develop products that resonate with people who are looking to create environments that are calming, beautiful, but – importantly – highly liveable.

“And of course, always among our top priorities is the safeguarding of the environment. Design has a moral duty to work for the collective good of all. It should help transform and improve society, and it is up to companies to make this happen, by finding innovative solutions to the problems facing our planet and acting promptly and respecting the social system that we are a part of.”

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