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A sneak peek at what Salvatori will be presenting during Milan Design Week 2023. Natural stone, art and sustainability combine for a truly unique experience

Milan Design Week 2023: spotlight on sustainability and innovation

The city of Milan is once again poised to showcase the world’s very best design as we count down to Milan Design Week 2023 when the city will host visitors and exhibitors from all parts of the globe.

After three years of uncertainty, cancellations and postponements, Salone del Mobile (to give it its official Italian name) is not only back to pre-pandemic participation and expected attendance levels, but has also returned to its traditional April slot.

As always, Salvatori will be part of the unmissable Fuorisalone, with a host of new products on display in our Via Solferino showroom along with a very special collaboration that will see our boutique become the location for a live performance.

We get into the Design Week mood with a look at what we can all expect.


Milan Design Week date and theme

Milan Design Week is always a much-awaited event in the calendar of any design aficionado and is the perfect opportunity to be exposed to style, innovation and revolutionary ideas that often reframe the way we live and work.
This year’s edition, which takes place from 18 to 23 April, focuses on the importance of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Of course, we have long been proponents of a sustainable approach to design, but we’re taking it a step further in the way we built the display areas of our showroom. These are changed out every year to ensure visitors are treated to fresh new settings, and this year we are using recycled or recyclable materials for these, together with implementing ways to regenerate resources and absorb any waste produced.
But, as they say, wait, there’s more. In addition to the new décors of the different spaces, we will also be featuring interactive activities, based around a design theme of course. It’s fair to say there we have a couple of surprises up our sleeve with hands-on initiatives that showcase how sustainability, fun and design passion can be combined to create a better future for our planet.


This year, the theme of Fuorisalone is Future Lab and is an invitation for us to ask ourselves what changes we need to make, particularly at a point in history where so many big issues are converging. Future Lab will explore how the challenges that lie ahead can be considered as impetus for evolution and an opportunity for design to become an instrument of collective action.

In addressing these challenges, Italian and international artists and designers will be displaying unique, innovative works that represent the present and design our future.
As always, visitors from around the world can expect to find Milan buzzing and an atmosphere charged with energy and enthusiasm.


A sneak peek at what’s happening at Salvatori during MDW 2023

There really is no week like Milan Design Week and for us it is always a wonderful opportunity to share our passion for Italian design, connect with old friends and make new ones.

Our flagship showroom at Via Solferino 11 in the Brera district will, of course, be the main stage and we will be presenting two new textures and a bathroom collection.

First up is the Piero Lissoni-designed Hito bathroom collection, a series of vanity units and modular elements designed to reflect the different ways we use a bathroom, including the storage we need to keep everyday objects handy but hidden. Offering an incredible choice of configurations, it also features unexpected and innovative accessories that complete any bathroom.

The textures, named Optycal (also by Piero Lissoni) and Passepartout, are a continuation of our ongoing research into finding original ways to reuse materials and reduce waste. Both are made from recycled scraps of natural stone which are combined to create exclusive, customisable solutions.


In addition to their highly sustainable ethos, what all three new products have in common is the element of cocreation, meaning we don’t simply present a static product, but instead, invite the user to become involved in the creative process by customising their final solution.

Returning briefly to the subject of textures, we have also taken the opportunity to revisit some of our existing ones and reproduce them in wood. Given Salvatori started out working with wood in the very early years, this represents something of a homage to our roots, but the products themselves are designed to appeal to today’s tastes and trends.

While our Via Solferino 11 showroom is the main stage, there’s also something exciting happening at the Salvatori Boutique just around the corner. We have been working together with emerging artist Raffaele Salvoldi and during Design Week 2023, he will be in the Boutique with a live installation that combines contemporary art with centuries-old natural stone to stunning effect.

This is just a brief overview of what Salvatori has in store for visitors and with just a month to go we’re still working behind the scenes to have everything in place when the curtain goes up on 18 April. As always, our intention is to surprise, delight and above all, deliver the wow factor.

If you plan to visit, you can already register, meaning that when you arrive, you won’t need to waste any precious time queuing and can make your way upstairs to the showroom straight away.

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