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Learn all you need to know about choosing a custom-made bathtub

3 examples of how to choose the perfect custom-made bathtub for your bathroom

Furnishing a bathroom with a bathtub is a dream for many people: the possibility of taking a moment of total relaxation in your own home is unparalleled, especially in the hectic times of the age in which we live. Choosing the right bath for your bathroom, however, is not a simple matter.

What are the parameters to consider? How do you choose according to the type of bathroom?

Let’s not get scared. In this article, we’ll take you through the major factors that can influence your choices step by step, and at the end we’ll show you 4 examples of beautiful bathrooms with bathtubs. You’ll see that in the end choosing the right bathtub will be very easy!


How to choose the right bath depending on your bathroom

As we have said, when creating the perfect bathroom with a bath there are various factors to consider. First and foremost, though it may seem obvious, is the size.

We divide the bathroom into two main categories:

  • Small bathrooms
  • Large bathrooms

When you have to choose how to furnish a small bathroom you might always assume that installing a practical shower is the only possible solution. But this isn’t the case: if you wish, a careful study of the space can allow you to install a comfortable bathtub in a small bathroom as well.

As well as the wide range of small baths available on the market, a good choice for this type of room is the use of a rectangular bathtub, such as our Oyster bath, which allows you to make good use of every corner without leaving any unused space.

However, in the case of a large bathroom the size of the bathtub rarely matters: in a space where there are no problems with joints and dimensions you can afford to be more daring.

Choosing a large bathtub with irregular and modern lines, such as the round bathtub from the Balnea collection, is perfect: the inclusion of a particular eye-catching element will certainly enhance even bathrooms which, if too large, risk lacking style or identity.


Choosing the bathtub according to material.

A thing that is often underestimated is the choice of material from which a bath is made.

With today’s reappraisal of the bathroom, and the development of a modern style that anticipates great care in the design of its environment, the materials in which bathtubs are made are now at their most diverse and with variable characteristics.

There are three main materials:

  • Stone
  • Acrylic
  • Ceramic

Stone baths are the most resilient. Made from naturally durable materials, they also conceal another great advantage: thanks to the innate characteristics of natural stone, they retain the heat of the water for longer, allowing you to take long hot baths.

What’s more, they require very little maintenance: a little water and neutral soap are enough to clean all Salvatori bathtubs.


Baths made with acrylic are more delicate. On the one hand they have the advantage of being very light, but on the other hand they have a tendency to scratch and gather abrasions: you have to be very careful when cleaning them, and the risk of damaging the material is quite high.

The last and most common material used for bathtubs is ceramic. Although cleaning this type of bathtub is quick and easy, as it is not prone to scratches and abrasions, the risk of ruining it in the event of a forceful impact is very high.

In addition, ceramic is not a material that retains heat effectively meaning the water within the bathtub cools quickly which can interrupt relaxation.


How to choose your bathtub according to the type of installation: 3 beautiful examples

What do we mean by type of installation? Depending on both the type of bath and the fittings, there are two main categories:

  • Freestanding bathtubs
  • Built-in bathtubs

The freestanding bath, or free installation bathtub, is a modern bathtub which, when compatible with a room’s plumbing systems, does not need to be encased or supported by other structures and can be placed anywhere in the room: with wall-mounted taps, the bathtub can be installed in a classic wall-mounted position; however, with the installation of a matching freestanding taps, this type of bathtub can even be installed in the middle of the room.

A true design object with a studied and elegant shape, like our Ishiburo bathtub, it is suitable for all bathrooms, but it is particularly appropriate for those environments that require an extra infusion of style: a large bathroom, as we have already said, or a beautiful and modern open space bathroom.


The built-in bath, on the other hand, is a classic type of bath. To be installed, it needs to be fixed to the wall and included in the masonry of the room.

Usually rectangular in shape, it integrates well into bathrooms that do not require a particular style and have niches to exploit.

However this type of installation, which requires considerable masonry work and has a decidedly statuesque appearance due to its cladding, is falling into disuse in favour of modern free-standing bathtubs with lighter lines.

In light of what we have just seen, the freestanding stone bathtub is the best choice in terms of versatility and reliability.

Let’s see together how you can create an impressive bathroom by installing this versatile element.


Bathroom with a view

As we have said, in the case of a large bathroom, the inclusion of a designer bathtub with unique and sophisticated shapes can become a focal point of attention and harmoniously link the whole bathroom.

This is the case in the bathroom we propose in this example. Our Anima bathtub, installed with freestanding taps, sits perfectly in the centre of the room: elegant and refined like a prized sculpture, its light and sinuous lines enhance the whole bathroom.

The curves of the bathtub integrate perfectly with the rest of the bathroom components, thanks to the style shared by the entire collection: the elegant countertop washbasin, the soap dish and the large mirror are all part of the Anima collection.

The bath, being made of natural stone, is also able to blend in completely with the floors and walls: the variegated Silk Georgette® that covers the walls, in Infinito, and the floor, in Levigato, is the same that also makes up the bathtub.

The result is a harmonious bathroom, without interruptions, which certainly impresses.


A Romantic Setting

The installation of a modern bathtub, as we have said, is not only limited to use in modern environments. This type of bathroom component can easily adapt to many styles.

As you can see in the photo, if what you want to create is a bathroom with romantic overtones, installing a free-standing bathtub is still perfect.

Carved from a single block of marble, the Balnea bathtub in Bianco Carrara bestows the room in which it is placed with a warmth and lightness typical of a romantic setting.

Combined with the familiarity and characteristic comfort of the white Stone Parquet in Bianco Carrara and the elegant Plissé finish, perfectly matched to the upper boiserie, the soft curves of the bathtub bring comfort and elegance to this bathroom.


A Valuable Niche

In the case of bathrooms with smaller dimensions, using rectangular baths to make the most of an opening in the wall is an excellent choice. To give lightness to the bathroom, a freestanding rather than a build-in bath is the best solution.

In this bathroom with its essential lines, the simple and decisive profiles of the Oyster bathtub perfectly embellish the niche at the end of the room. The degree of customisation for this bathtub is extensive: available in our main stones, its surface can be covered in many of our textures, allowing it to adapted perfectly to all environments.

In this case, the choice was a delicate Levigato Bianco Carrara texture, which forms a perfect link between the floor and ceiling, covered in the same finish. It’s also used in the light Dritto coffee table and the soft Urano lamp: the result is a variegated environment, linked by the candid tones of this precious marble.

As we have seen, choosing a custom-made bathtub that fits perfectly in your bathroom requires a great deal of care and planning.
A correct evaluation of the environment, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view, is fundamental to create a functional and stylish space.

Salvatori stands out in the sector for its made-to-measure designs according to the customer’s wishes and for highly customisable furnishings.

So take a look at our bathroom collections and finishes, and contact us! The help of our experts will make it simple to find the perfect bespoke bath for your bathroom!

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