The must-have designer accessories for a stylish modern bathroom



Designer accessories are the perfect way to inject a touch of contemporary style into your bathroom. We’ve put together 4 inspiring ideas

4 designer accessory ideas for a stylish modern bathroom

As the space in which we perform our ablutions and take care of our body, the bathroom occupies a special role and should be an environment that is both functional and pleasant to pass time in. Often, however, it is a room that receives scant attention when it comes to aesthetics, but it is surprisingly simple to transform it into a welcoming, contemporary haven without compromising comfort and practicality.

Even if you don’t want to commit to a complete makeover, there are shortcuts to creating a stylish modern bathroom, and the starting point is by choosing gorgeous accessories. We take a look at 4 easy ways to add style and elegance to your bathroom with a selection of inspiring designer pieces.


Made in Italy designer bathroom accessories

Bathrooms are often somewhat compromised in their shape, size or layout, perhaps being long and narrow, windowless or squeezed into an odd space almost as an afterthought. While choosing the right colour scheme and furniture are fundamental to rectifying such shortfalls, adding designer accessories to a bathroom can also subtly make a difference to the perception of the space by lending it an air of sophistication.

In such a case, it is hard to not talk about Made in Italy design pieces with their elegant style which is the result of an inimitable eye for detail, quality products and outstanding workmanship. Unexpected combinations of materials such as natural stone and metal are perfectly at home in a modern bathroom, elevating it to another level, even with small touches such as trays and towel racks.

We take a look below at a handful of bathroom accessories that play with texture, shape and contrast to add the X factor to even the plainest, smallest bathroom.


Change the way you see your bathroom with a designer mirror

If there is one item you simply cannot do without in a bathroom, it is a mirror, the focal point where you apply make-up, shave or cleanse your face day after day, and also a crucial décor element. Long, skinny layouts, dark tiles and lack of windows are all elements that impact the perception of a space, but while they may be difficult to rectify without major renovations, budget and stress, a designer mirror can mitigate their effect. As an example, the Quadro mirror amplifies the perceived dimensions and makes a bathroom appear airier, whilst injecting discreet elegance. It also has the added advantage of a lovely deep burnished brass frame which becomes a handy ledge for placing small essentials on.

Another interesting option is the Archimede collection with a choice of a long vertical rectangle or classic circle. These understated, frameless mirrors with their clean geometric forms have a discreet hinge, allowing you to adjust an area of the surface for better viewing, and a small magnified insert for a close-up look.

Alternatively, you might consider our Anima collection, designed to transmit a sense of calmness and serenity. With their delightfulcurved frames in natural stone, they are perfect on their own or as part of a Salvatori Total Look bathroom.


Simple but stylish towel racks and rails

A towel rack or rail may be partially covered most of the time, but it can be much more than a strategically-placed must-have accessory in terms of practicality. One of the easiest ways to inject a touch of modern design into a bathroom, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect pieces. Some can only hold one item while others a full complement of towels and facecloths, but in general they fall into two categories:

  • Freestanding or floor-mounted towel racks
  • Wall-mounted towel racks or rails

The former tend to be used in larger bathrooms where floor space is not at a premium. Our Anima towel rack is not only elegant and easy to move around if you want to change your décor occasionally, but it is also supremely practical. Its metal frame provides plenty of space for your towels, while the curved horizontal surfaces in gorgeous natural stone are perfect for items such as body lotions, perfume and a hairdryer.

Our Fontane Bianche towel ring is an example of the second type, and with its combination of gunmetal and classic white marble or darkest brown limestone, it epitomises how a simple accessory can become a beautiful designer object.


Transform your bathroom into a spa with gorgeous trays and storage containers

A spacious shower, deliciously hot water and your favourite body gel and lotion are all the ingredients you need to create your personal spa in the comfort of your own home. What better than stepping into a gorgeous haven and shutting out the stresses of the outside world while you take time to focus on your own wellbeing?

Take the experience to another level by surrounding yourself with beautiful yet practical objects, starting with somewhere to keep your soaps and cosmetics handy. If you have the space, this exquisite round disc of Bianco Carrara marble from the Ellipse collection is ideal on a vanity unit or small side table, while the TABL-EAU hanging shelf is a smart solution for smaller bathrooms. Combining natural stone and burnished brass it is part of a modular collection designed to deliver versatility without compromising on aesthetics.

Small pots and containers never go amiss in the bathroom and our Pietra L09 stone pieces with their lovely walnut lid are ideal for holding items such as cotton wool, make-up pads or hair accessories.


Soap dishes and toothbrush holders that make a design statement

When it comes to bathroom accessories, we simply cannot forget those quintessential items that are part and parcel of our daily rituals, and these are soap dishes and toothbrush holders. They may be everyday objects, but this doesn’t mean they cannot also be stylish, in fact, given the prominent position they occupy on the vanity or basin, it’s all the more reason to ensure they are lovely to look at.

The Ellipse soap dish, designed by John Pawson, exemplifies the idea of function and form coexisting in harmony. Made from a flawless circle of cool white Bianco Carrara marble, this minimalist-style piece is particularly striking when placed against a dark surface.

If you prefer sharper, more solid forms, the Fontane Bianche collection is for you, with a soap dish and choice of toothbrush holder variants in white marble or dark brown Pietra d’Avola limestone. The clean, understated geometry and delicate beauty of each piece adds a refined, sophisticated touch to any bathroom.

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