Loft apartment in via Moscova


Natural stone textured surfaces lend a sense of depth and charm to the walls of a double-height loft apartment. Discover how Salvatori’s Plissé was an integral ingredient of the interior makeover through the words of architectural firm Marchetti Demaria

Can you tell us in your own words a little about the project. What was the inspiration behind the design?
The loft is located in Moscova Street and its double-height spaces look out towards the Alps, beyond the towers of Porta Nuova. The project was a makeover of an apartment we had worked on for the previous owner.
What did the new owners want? Their brief was to introduce a classic touch through contemporary materials. From the beginning we decided to work with the home’s vertical aspect, which opens out on the top floor on to a wonderful terrace with 360-degree views of Milan.

The finishes of the columns in the living room and the customised cupboards further emphasise the double height ceilings through their patterns. On one hand we have something three-dimensional achieved through using pleated natural stone, while on the other hand we have wallpaper that simulates the appearance of a vast bookcase. The walls are in tones of grey, beige and dark brown, then brought alive by strong accents of colour in the furnishings and accessories.

What particularly appeals about the Salvatori products you chose?
Together with the client, we wanted a product that lent character to the space but without dominating. The Silk Georgette® limestone in Plissé texture worked well with our idea of working on the verticality of the home, and so we used it on the pillars from top to toe so that they became a decorative element while also giving a sense of order to the space.

Why did you choose Salvatori?
It wasn’t the first time we’ve used Salvatori products. The insightfulness of the products, the impeccable quality and technical support make the difference.

How did you find the experience of working with Salvatori?
It was a very linear process and their support was crucial in terms of ensuring the project was a success.

Is the client happy with the end result?
The client is very happy and pleasantly surprised by how choosing a particular finish can change the perception of a structural conmponent, transforming it into a key element of the apartment.

And, a final question that is a little off-topic, but are you happy to share your 10 favourite songs that you listen to when you’re designing or looking for inspiration?
Ruby Blue – Roisin Murphy
Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa
Take my Breath – The Weekend
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room – John Mayer
Your Song – Elton John
Work - Rihanna
Sleep on the Floor -The Lumineers
Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
Stay – Elisa
Sì, Viaggiare –Lucio Battisti

Architecture: Marchetti Demaria
Photographer: Andrea Martiradonna


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