A peek at an apartment on the exclusive Fisher Island, Miami


One of the most exclusive zip codes in the United States

Fisher Island, one of the most exclusive zip codes in the United States, is a 216-acre manmade piece of lush land which lies just off the Miami coast. Accessible only to residents and registered guests, it can be reached by car ferry or private yacht only, and is considered by many as a playground for the uber-wealthy.

Property is, of course, at a premium, and in 2016 the first new condominium on the island in almost a decade was completed. The award-winning Palazzo del Sol consists of 43 ultra-luxurious residences over ten floors and was designed by Kobi Karp, who intended it as a contemporary homage to the island’s original development, the Mediterranean Vanderbilt Mansion, built in 1936.

The interior design of one of the apartments in Palazzo del Sol was entrusted to Solesdi and features Crema d’Orcia limestone supplied by Salvatori.  The challenge of designing the three-bedroom, 500-square metre apartment was to create an aesthetic which would have wide appeal to an unknown final resident, yet without falling into bland, characterless territory.

Designer Valeria Torriani describes the approach to the interior design: “We wanted something light and fresh, because the apartment looks out onto the ocean and we wanted to give it an airy, vacation-like, light-hearted feel. The idea was to combine materials such as linen, light stone and light wood so we could achieve this theme of freshness. When it came to choosing the stone, Crema d’Orcia was perfect, because it is cool to the touch but it’s very light and warm, visually speaking.”

It was also a question of striking the right balance between sophisticated, elaborate elements and simplicity, so for example, honed Crema d’Orcia was used behind an elaborate shelf system to neutralise its extravagance.

Another creative design solution was to break the space of long wall up by means of an oversize shelving unit with Lithoverde in Crema d’Orcia serving as an arresting background. This created depth and texture without overwhelming the eye.

Other Salvatori touches in the residence – which sold almost immediately upon going on the market – included a pair of Dritto side tables in Pietra d’Avola used as bedside tables and pieces from the Omaggio a Morandi collection of decorative bottles.

Architecture: Solesdi
Designer: Valeria Torriani
Palazzo del Sol design: Kobi Karp
Photographer: Kris Tamburello Studios


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