The Sandblasted finish is created by, firstly, sandblasting the surface and then brushing it, creating a soft granular effect. A muscular and bold texture, the rough-hewn surface of the natural stone enhances the sophisticated gradients and veining of its natural colouring, depending on which stone is used.

Equally gorgeous on walls and floors, sandblasted finish provides a lovely juxtaposition with other materials such as wood or concrete. It is also an ideal pattern for a Salvatori ‘total look’ room. A ‘total look’ can be achieved by matching a wall or floor motif with pieces from our home collection, which have been designed by award-winning architects and interior designers exclusively for Salvatori.

Available in Lava, Avana, Piombo, Silk Georgette®, Bianco Carrara, Crema d’Orcia and Pietra d’Avola .

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