Salvatori’s timeless style meets the vibrant energy of design duo Yabu Pushelberg. The result is a striking and original bathroom collection that challenges preconceptions and plays with materials to elicit emotions in what can often be the most impersonal room in a home.
Hitting the perfect note between rationality and emotion, its bold shapes and colours are appealingly unconventional without compromising functionality. The geometric forms of the basins and backsplash contrast with the fluid curves of the mirrors and pleasingly intersect the horizontal lines of the drawers and counter top.
The continuity of the natural stone’s veining showcase the prominent pattern of the wood in a fascinating juxtaposition between stability and dynamism.
The Punto collection was designed to appeal to architects working in both residential and hospitality sectors and taps into Salvatori’s Plug&Play approach, which aims to make installation as easy as possible, thus significantly reducing project timelines. At the same time, however, the modular philosophy and unique natural materials used ensures a bespoke effect.
Glenn Pushelberg describes Punto as an embodiment of the frisson that results from the collaboration of left and right sides of the brain, explaining that its rationality appeals to us but we simultaneously feel the emotion, thus encapsulating both creative and analytical modes of thinking.

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