Passepartout is a collection of wall textures created from offcuts of materials that would otherwise go to waste. The idea behind the range comes from the brand's commitment to finding innovative ways to recycle and achieve zero waste.
The name Passepartout is a reference to the carboard that, in a work of art or in a photograph, is used to embellish the image, protecting it and giving it depth: the new Salvatori texture offers a background surface in natural stone, on which it is possible to apply relief geometric shapes also in stone, creating a ton sur ton or contrasting threedimensionality using with different colours of stone.
The background, therefore, just like a passepartout, underlines the
applied shape like a frame underlines the photograph by adapting dimensions and proportions to those of the environment for maximum customization freedom.
Salvatori is also known for its longstanding commitment to developing environmentally-sustainable processes and products and the Passepartout collection dovetails perfectly with this philosophy.

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