Department: Research & Development

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Curiosity, determination, a tendency to constantly question the status quo and a degree in Industrial Design all converged to find their perfect home at Salvatori for Michela when she joined Salvatori’s R&D team at a key point in our evolution as we made our most significant move into the Home Accessories sector. Known until then primarily as a natural stone brand, we started to introduce other premium materials to our product ranges, at the same time exponentially expanding our product breadth and brand profile.

Our approach has always been to challenge the norms and bring surprising design solutions to the market. Sourcing materials, working with suppliers and designers to find the perfect mechanism or product to bring a design to life, Michela is constantly on the lookout for new ideas, new technology. She believes to succeed in this role you have to be able to change your perspective and think laterally, because every problem can be an opportunity.

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What do you like about your work and Salvatori?

Firstly, the material we work with is fascinating. It seems that there are almost infinite ways to interpret natural stone. And I love the fact that we never stop innovating, but we are also committed to minimising environmental impact with what we do. That’s important to me.

It’s exciting to be in a company that believes in excellence and quality. And a company that is growing and gives opportunities and a lot of responsibility to young people. I had worked in the design department of Ikea and a luxury kitchen brand before came here, but I’m relatively young. Here, if you prove yourself, you move ahead and get to do more and more.

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