Department: Customer Care


Nobody could accuse Alessandro of standing still. In the six years since he graduated with a degree in International Marketing, he has worked in Portugal, Copenhagen, Tuscany, London and Milan. After the obligatory stint of seasonal work, he left his home town in the Venice region to work as a sales rep for an Italian company based in Denmark before returning to Italy to take up a similar role with Salvatori. A year later he transferred to London for two years as a key member of the team setting up the Salvatori showroom and expanding the client base by introducing the brand to architects and interior designs across the country. That successfully done, our Milan showroom beckoned. After one year there he returned to Salvatori HQ in Tuscany to join the Customer Care team.

His face-to-face experience working with architects and end clients alike means he truly understands the varied and challenging dynamics of developing and following projects from conception to completion. As he describes it:

“What’s great about being a salesperson for Salvatori is that you a part of the process of creating wonderful exclusive environments and you see it from the moment you view the technical designs, then are involved in meetings, choices of materials and products, you offer advice and input and finally see the finished product. You also get to understand the types of challenges clients face, which means you can also provide useful feedback to colleagues in other departments, whether that is Marketing, Production or even Accounts”.


Optimism, positivity, great interpersonal skills and a customer service mentality which focuses on resolving problems are the traits which make Alessandro a key member of the Salvatori team.

What do you like about your work and Salvatori?

I love being involved in the design sector. We’re surrounded by an everyday aesthetic both in the products we work with and our surroundings. Our showrooms are really special, and our office in Tuscany is also a great environment.

And Salvatori is going through a fantastic growth period, so it’s exciting to be a part of that, and it also means there are great opportunities for employees to grow and move around. I guess I’m the perfect example of that!

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