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You wake up on a Saturday morning to shafts of sunlight filtering in through the windows of a charming fifth-floor apartment in St Germain and the smell of coffee wafting from the kitchen. A glorious free day stretches before you, ready to be filled with a leisurely breakfast, a stroll along the Seine to your favourite bistro and an afternoon of shopping.

MEDIA-GALLERY_Salvatori_WF_Stone-Parquet_Bianco-Carrara-5 MEDIA-GALLERY_Salvatori_WF_Stone-Parquet_Bianco-Carrara-5

Balnea Wall-mounted basin

by Elisa Ossino

MEDIA-GALLERY_Salvatori_WF_Stone-Parquet_Bianco-Carrara-9 MEDIA-GALLERY_Salvatori_WF_Stone-Parquet_Bianco-Carrara-9