Hong Kong brings to mind images of colourful, closely set apartment blocks and narrow alleyways of shops and shoppers. But, a few minutes drive from the city centre, the roads begin to wind up through forests and into mountains that tower over the metropolis. Despite being one of the most densely populated areas in the world, some 70% of Hong Kong is rural and undeveloped, and it’s here, above the bustle and the noise, that the Salvatori hotel is situated.

 Like the landscape that it is set in, the hotel is cool and calm, embracing an understated contemporary feel that will remain relevant even as the city below grows and changes through the decades. The monochromatic scheme – as made explicit in the floor of Stone Parquet in Crema dOrcia and Pietra dAvola – is softened by the Plissé surface in Crema dOrcia in the bedroom: the gentle vibration of the texture and the panel’s subtle variation in colour animated by the morning light.