1.6 million New Yorkers call Manhattan home, spilling out onto its grid of streets and playing their part in creating the rhythmic chaos that is synonymous with one of the world’s most famous neighbourhoods. Amid the chaos, however, is the extraordinary expanse of green that is, of course, Central Park. And it is here that we find harmony and Salvatori style, in a gorgeous apartment that serves as a refuge from the exhilarating, but sometimes taxing, pace of the city that surrounds it.

From Time Square with its wonderfully garish neon lights to the imposing splendour of Grand Central Station, from the iconic closely-packed jumble of skyscrapers to the Rockefeller Centre, every corner of Manhattan holds something magical, thrilling or surprising. To walk its streets can generate the same breathless excitement and giddiness that you experience when stepping off a roller coaster and there is no better place to centre yourself and calm down after the heady ride than Central Park. It’s almost as though it understands just how tiring the city can be, and is always there, always ready to provide a moment of peace and escape.