Every year thousands of tourists, Italian and foreigners alike, flock to the coastal areas and the islands of southern Italy, falling in love with their picturesque villages, shimmering blue waters and magical atmosphere.

Long weekends along the coast offer the perfect getaway whether you are in search of adventure or simply want to lie back and relax by the sea. When it comes to filling your days, you are spoilt for choice, with boat excursions, walks along the cliff, browsing local markets for that perfect handcrafted souvenir and, last, but not least, enjoying delicious seafood lunches and sunset drinks looking out at the glorious Mediterranean.

The special seaside atmosphere is captured perfectly in a restaurant where the décor in Salvatori style and stone creates a tranquil, contemporary sanctuary from the blazing sun.

Transport yourself to the Italian coast with us and discover how this restaurant artfully uses natural stone to create an innate link with its island surroundings so that you feel welcomed and at ease, allowing you to sink into that blissful relaxed limbo that is the hallmark of a true summer holiday.