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Our design assistance service

Salvatori’s team of designers, engineers and architects advise on the choice of stone and bring their expertise to find solutions to technical issues. Working closely with the client the team can find unique product and design solutions to meet the demands of any project.

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Working closely with the client our team can find unique product and design solutions

Whether for private residential projects or retail and hospitality, we have always worked closely with designers and architects to push the limits of what stone can do, encouraging new ways of thinking about the material.

Our bespoke service also extends to undertaking specific research and product development. When New York department store Bergdorf Goodman approached us to replace their well-trodden Roman travertine floors, installed in 1899, we found the quarry that had supplied the original stone had closed.

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Following an investigation into the surrounding area, we discovered an adjacent seam that contained a similar colour and vein to the original stone. We relocated our machinery and, within two months of the commission, the new flooring had been delivered and installed in Manhattan.

Whether it’s developing new techniques, unique product and design solutions, or specialised mechanical innovations, we are able to use our experience and capabilities to meet the demands of any project, overcoming the challenges of using natural stone. Bespoke, for Salvatori, means whatever is needed to get the job done.