The Salvatori installation service


When an architect chooses a Salvatori product for a project, we appreciate the faith shown in our brand and we want to ensure that once it is installed, the final result reflects the original vision. Not just in the design sense, but also in terms of correct installation so that the product looks as it should and functions correctly for decades to come. We have sadly occasionally seen photos of beautiful textures installed upside down or in a haphazard way which completely negates the beauty of the product. It’s painful for us and, of course, even more so for clients and the architects who specified them!

To help avoid such travesties, in selected markets we offer an installation service which can range from providing laying assistance to a comprehensive turnkey solution.

A comprehensive turnkey solution

In the latter case, once the products have been ordered and signed off, we will create a template which indicates where every piece goes, rigorously checking together with the architect. When the products arrive, they will generally be packed by room, meaning a reduction in time and manpower lugging various elements from crate to different areas, often on different floors.

We have a group of trained and authorised Salvatori installers who will then take care of everything, starting with laying tiles on floors, walls and any other required surfaces, then installing any vanities, bathtubs, shower trays and bespoke items. Tiles, slabs and custom-cut pieces are pre-treated where required, laid, grouted and finished with the necessary protectants to ensure they stand up to wear and tear.

For our textured finishes, we’ll ensure they are installed in such a way that the joints are as discreet as possible but conform with any local building regulations. We’ll also work with your light sources, both natural and artificial, to help bring out the texture on certain products as a few simple adjustments here make an enormous difference to the final effect.

Many of our standard products are developed using an approach we like to call Plug & Play because they are designed to simplify installation. For example, our shower trays are designed in such a way that you don’t need to try and coordinate a plumber, builder and stone mason, as they can easily be installed by a builder alone. Many of our products come with extras such as the drill bit you’ll need or a template to help you understand where to drill holes. Seemingly simple things, but they go a long way to reducing possible mistakes and delays.

Once your Salvatori bathroom, kitchen or hallway is installed and looking gorgeous, we will take you through some quick tips on how to look after everything, making sure you know which products to avoid when cleaning (acids, bleaches and harsh detergents!).

The full turnkey service is currently available in the UK and Italy, whilst we offer a more streamlined solution in other markets. We are constantly training new installation personnel, with the aim of building up a comprehensive global support network.