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A construction site brings together a host of different individuals and groups, many of them only thinking of their particular role in the project at hand. The activities that are carried out are seemingly endless, from manoeuvring crates and all manner of materials to demolishing existing structures, cutting, drilling, erecting and dismantling scaffolding. The list goes on. Inevitably there will be mess, chaos and plenty of material, whether to be used or thrown out, scattered around.

Keeping the working-area clean is the best way to promote your business

The cleanliness and orderliness of a work site is a calling card that attests to the professionalism and care of any building firm. Nowhere is this more visible than on a shared site such as an apartment or commercial complex.

Whilst our company is extremely attentive to this aspect, ours is not a universal approach and there are, unfortunately, too many businesses that run or are involved in a building site, with no thought for the chaos or inconvenience their activity may create for inhabitants, tenants or even passers-by.

Just as in daily life and other sectors, the building industry is obliged to maintain a clean environment with minimum wastage and we take this seriously. A clean, well-kept building site creates better working conditions, meaning not only greater safety for all concerned, but also a more efficient work environment with less likelihood of damage and smoother progress throughout the project.

There is also one other aspect to consider, and this is something that is becoming more and more prevalent and touching almost every aspect of our lives, both professionally and personally. That is the environment and even a construction site has its part to play, in the tools and materials used and, of course, the way in which waste and debris is disposed of.

So, in summary, running an orderly, organised work site not only delivers on safety, efficiency, comfort and the environment, but is also the “shop window” for a business to promote their expertise and enhance their reputation.


Images taken before 11 March 2020.