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Natural stone maintenance


How to maintain natural stone

The most beautiful stone is durable yet delicate at the same time. Its durability defies the barriers of time, embracing eternity, while elegant in nature, requiring careful maintenance for its preservation. Neglecting daily care of stone may lead to serious compromise of its quality and original characteristics.

Whether purchasing a piece of furniture, flooring or any other product from us, you are guaranteed only the best. Nevertheless, with greatness comes great responsibility in taking care of quality products that require care and dedication.

Let’s now see how proper maintenance of natural stone is implemented, in order to keep it always at its best over the years.

In order to maintain its original splendour, natural stone requires only a few but important precautions: let's explore which ones

Ordinary cleaning and additional maintenance of stone

The first and most important rule to always keep in mind when cleaning a surface made of natural stone, is to absolutely avoid aggressive soaps and detergents. In fact, both acid products and descalers undermine the organic structure of stone material, which can ruin it.

The cleaning product to be used must be neutral, such as a gentle soap. If you are looking for a professional detergent, we suggest Fila, which offers top of the line products such as Fila MARBLE REFRESH. With any professional product, it is important to remember to follow the instructions on the package in order to carry out a proper and thorough cleaning.

Another important tip is to know your water quality: water hardness affects the quality of cleaning. The harder the water, the more the cleaning power of the product decreases. For this reason, if water is softened, it is possible to use less detergent. On the other hand, if water hardness is high, it is better to increase the detergent dose.

To avoid the formation of stains, limescale and mould, frequent and constant cleaning of the surfaces is required. However, inconsistent routine maintenance can occur, and a more decisive cleaning must be carried out. In this case, additional maintenance is required using specific products. In this case, we recommend the following products: Fila PS87 Pro, suitable for any stone and specifically effective for removing stubborn stains, and Fila Active, suitable for removing mould on both internal and external marble.

Neutral and as soon as possible: rules and precautions

When it comes to the care of a delicate stone, such as natural stone, there are important points to always keep in mind. The first is to clean stains as soon as possible. Even though all of our products benefit from a triple layer of sealant treatment that delays the absorption of oil, water and other liquid stains, this does not guarantee total waterproof protection. Our treatment provides a few hours of time before absorption of any liquid substance can occur without any consequences. After this time, however, the stain may penetrate the sealant and leave a permanent mark.

For the treatment of our stones we rely on Fila products, specifically: FOB EXTREME, a neutral solvent-based protective that protects the colour of natural stone without altering it in any way, and Stoneplus, a reviving protective, also solvent-based, which we recommend specifically for Pietra d’Avola.

Another precaution concerns very hot objects: it is always recommended not to place them directly on any marble surface as the risk of leaving a mark is very high.

Finally, the advice when using professional products is also valid for traditional cleaning remedies; when dosage use is not precise, the risk of causing irreparable damage to any marble is very high. As previously mentioned, consistent cleaning and using mild soap are more than enough.

By following these simple yet fundamental precautions, all our products, both textures, such as Ishiburo, Plissé, Stone Parquet, and furnishing accessories, such as the Adda modular drawers or the Dritto coffee table, will remain brilliantly beautiful and stand the test of time.

We have seen how to properly maintain and clean natural stone in order to minimize the risk of aesthetic deterioration. If you are interested in having further information about us and our products, feel free to contact us; we are happy to help.