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Natural stone coverings as an evolution of wallpaper


From wallpaper to the eternity of natural stone

Interior design thrives on personality, aesthetics and functionality, and the walls are its inevitable support. They are the casings that embrace our everyday life, revealing our personality to those we welcome into our homes. For a long time, the main alternative to wall paint was wallpaper, capable of providing an infinite number of aesthetic proposals. Nowadays there is no shortage of alternatives and the main evolution of wall paper is represented by a reality that sees us come into play: natural stone coverings.

In fact, for years, we have been developing innovative natural stone processes that allow us to achieve completely different looks that can be adapted to an incredible variety of styles, even using the same stone. I’ve never doubted the incredible and eternal qualities of stone, the essence of the earth.

Let’s explore and discover the advantages that natural stone coverings bring, and some ideas to use them in a unique and original way.

Natural stone coverings are the present and future of the aesthetics and functionality of the walls

The advantages of natural stone cladding

Why is it an excellent choice to cover walls with natural stone instead of wallpaper?

There are essentially three main reasons why natural stone is an excellent choice as wall covering. The first is its durability. Natural stone is in fact an extremely resistant material, capable of withstanding even considerable shocks without suffering irreparable damage. It also resists the passage of time very well, retaining its original appearance for many years, without the need for particularly careful maintenance. The second reason is its energy-cost savings. Natural stone is in fact an excellent insulator and this translates into heat retention in winter and maintaining a cool temperature in summer, allowing savings on consumption and reducing environmental impact. Finally, the most obvious advantage of stone cladding, and which we will never get tired of highlighting, is that natural stone is beautiful. Its great aesthetic value makes it possible to considerably enhance any ambience with its timeless and elegant appearance.

Natural stone cladding ideas

Now that we know how advantageous using natural stone cladding is, we can now explore its versatility, and the possibilities are endless. To inspire you, we’ve decided to use three of our most popular textures, for as many strategic areas of the house, namely the kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Let’s start with one of the most challenging rooms in a house, the kitchen. The kitchen is, by far, the most lived space of any home and, as a result, tends to experience the most wear and tear, that’s why it is essential to choose a wall covering for this space that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also strong and durable. A guarantee stone wall covering that is sure to provide long-lasting resilience and elegance for any kitchen is Raw Crema d’Orcia Select.

Let’s now move to the living room, a space of relaxation, as well as sharing and entertainment. The geometric texture, played on repetition and on “visual rhythm”, of CNC in Silk Georgette® shades, perfectly embraces any space with warmth and charm and is a magnificent solution to convey with sunlight and create a living quarters that is truly welcoming.

Last but not least, the bedroom. To express all the energy that natural stone emanates, we think this solution is ideal for suggesting intimacy, warmth and peace of mind, especially if the choice falls on a delicate finish. Our idea is therefore to try to use a Stone Tatami covering, to welcome rest and love with style and elegance.

We have seen how natural stone coverings are the new reality of excellence when it comes to enhancing walls, rivalling and ultimately eclipsing wallpaper. We have seen the advantages natural stone evolution brings and just some ideas on how to fully achieve this solution. If you are interested in learning more about avant-garde stone cladding and want to know more about our company and our products, contact us: it will be our duty, but above all, pleasure to introduce to you everything there is to know.