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Villa Grey

Understated elegance is the hallmark of this renovated villa on the upmarket Versilia coast of Northern Tuscany which was transformed into a four-star hotel in 2010.

Our Silk Georgette creates a calming and welcoming atmosphere in the reception and bar areas of the hotel.

DESIGNER: Studio Lapis

griglia2_4-3_villa-grey griglia2_4-3_villa-grey
griglia1_3-2_villa-grey griglia1_3-2_villa-grey
griglia4_3-2_villa-grey griglia4_3-2_villa-grey
griglia5_3-2_villa-grey griglia5_3-2_villa-grey
griglia6_4-3_villa-grey griglia6_4-3_villa-grey
griglia7_3-2_villa-grey griglia7_3-2_villa-grey