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Roomers Hotel

Discreet luxury is the name of the game, with the focus being on creating a warm

The spa town of Baden-Baden in Germany’s Black Forest has long been known for its old-world charm and curative treatments. And, since October 2016 there is a new arrival to its luxury hotel scene: Roomers hotel designed by Lissoni Architettura together with KHP Architekten.

Discreet luxury is the name of the game, with the focus being on creating a warm and welcoming environment from the lounge with its inviting fireplace to the lush gardens and the rooftop bar with 360-degree views over the town and forest.

Using natural products wherever possible, the theme of warmth and cosiness continues, including the choice of stone which just happens to be Crema d’Orcia, our lovely creamy-coloured limestone. We supplied over 3000 square metres of it in honed, sandblasted and our Lithoverde® finishes. It fits the bill perfectly: elegant, warm and cossetting, and of course with an added bonus: our Lithoverde® is 99% composed of offcuts meaning that the hotel not only looks after the wellbeing of its guests but also the environment.

Design: Lissoni Architettura with KHP Architekten

Griglia-2_3-2_Roomers Griglia-2_3-2_Roomers
Griglia-1_4-3_Roomers Griglia-1_4-3_Roomers
Griglia-4_3-2_Roomers Griglia-4_3-2_Roomers
Griglia-5_3-2_Roomers Griglia-5_3-2_Roomers
Griglia-6_3-2_Roomers Griglia-6_3-2_Roomers
Griglia-7_4-3_Roomers Griglia-7_4-3_Roomers