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Paramount Bay

“Exceptional quality and distinctive attention to detail are found at every turn”

The superlatives certainly flow when it comes to talking about Miami’s Paramount Bay with descriptions such as “the epitome of refined cool, sophistication, pleasure and peace” and “a perfect blend of refined city apartment and casual beach home” abounding.

The 47-storey residential development bears the distinctive touch of Lenny Kravitz and his eponymous design company so it’s no surprise that phrases such as urban chic, global sensibility and urban cool are heaped upon the project.

The description we prefer, however, is “exceptional quality and distinctive attention to detail are found at every turn”.
Of course we’re biased, because our Lithoverde ® Piombo was one of those details carefully selected by Lenny and his team for the main lobby.
Chosen not only for its environmentally-friendly credentials but also for its aesthetic qualities, some might say that it is the “epitome of formidable function meets fabulous form”.

A tad more pragmatically, we like to think of it as simple innovation.

DESIGNER: Lenny Kravitz Design