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Dubai Villa

“Light is one of the greatest luxuries in interiors"

In a region where luxury is often synonymous with vast expanses of gilt and glitter, the challenge facing Dubai architectural firm VSHD was to create a magnificent, impressive home but minus all the shiny, ornate elements.

The solution was threefold and a remarkable yet welcoming home was created by mastering proportions, ensuring ample light and using natural materials. Key to this effect was the Crema d’Orcia limestone which clads the exterior, creating a light, continuous feel to the space. The same stone was used in some of the interior spaces, paired with solid wood and vast expanses of glass, designed to fill the space with light. As Rania Hamed, the creative mind behind the project says, “Light is one of the greatest luxuries in interiors”.

Scale was also an intrinsic element with doors and windows reaching the ceiling and allowing a seamless flow between internal and external spaces. The result is a home which although it occupies 1500 square metres, is truly transparent, bright and, above all, extremely liveable.

WINNER of the Global Excellence Award – Large Residential