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Disco House


I never heard the phrase “that’s not possible”

Welcome to Disco House, a six-storey townhouse in London’s Notting Hill area. The unofficial name was bestowed by the project’s architect William Smalley, because he felt it summed up the joyous and exuberant style of the house.

Some might describe it as eclectic and opulent but the design also encompasses discreet and sober elements which ensure that the home’s Victorian soul remains intact.

Working with Danny Pine, founder and creative director of design and property investment company Pinzauer, William Smalley sought to create a home which was both luxurious and functional. Natural stone is a key element, with several bespoke features produced by Salvatori, such as the staircase handrail in Lava stone and kitchen island in bookmatched Grigio Versilia marble to create the effect of a monolithic block.

The spa area plays with different shades and finishes of Lava to produce an atmospheric theatrical effect, whilst the master bathroom is decked out in Silk Georgette limestone, including a customised Onsen basin.

Other Salvatori products include Filo shower trays, a kitchen splashback in Bamboo texture and customised fridge facing in Nero Marquinia marble on a honeycomb structure to reduce its weight.

“The reason I chose Salvatori is that I think Pinzauer, William Smalley and Salvatori all share a similar ethos – namely that beauty and aesthetics are of primary importance and that everything else flows from that without compromise. I never heard the phrase “that’s not possible” which is a line you hear so often in the building world so it was a joy to work with Salvatori for that reason and also because they could see exactly what we were trying to achieve which made the whole process easier – instinctively they just got it.” Danny Pine

DESIGN: William Smalley RIBA and Danny Pine (Pinzauer Design)

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