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Casalgrande Ceramic Cloud

A spectacular architectural installation featuring Carrara marble

A spectacular architectural installation featuring Carrara marble in tiny pieces ranging from 30 to 65 millimetres in size. Over 700 tons of material went into creating the Ceramic Cloud sculpture in Casalgrande Padana in northern Italy. The perfect mix of manmade material in the form of Casalgrande ceramics and natural stone from Salvatori.

DESIGNER: Kengo Kuma and Associates

Griglia2_3-2_CasalGrande-Kengo-Kuma Griglia2_3-2_CasalGrande-Kengo-Kuma
Griglia1_3-2_CasalGrande-Kengo-Kuma Griglia1_3-2_CasalGrande-Kengo-Kuma
Griglia4_3-2_CasalGrande-Kengo-Kuma Griglia4_3-2_CasalGrande-Kengo-Kuma
Griglia5_3-2_CasalGrande-Kengo-Kuma Griglia5_3-2_CasalGrande-Kengo-Kuma
Griglia6_3-2_CasalGrande-Kengo-Kuma Griglia6_3-2_CasalGrande-Kengo-Kuma
Griglia7_3-2_CasalGrande-Kengo-Kuma Griglia7_3-2_CasalGrande-Kengo-Kuma