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Armani Hotel Milan

“The perfect greige”

Giorgio Armani himself has long been a fan of Silk Georgette®, the stone he describes as “the perfect greige” and, as with many of his fashion stores, it was chosen by his design team for the Armani Hotel in Milan.

The project to decorate the bathrooms in Silk Georgette® required almost 7000 square metres of Silk Georgette® and is a great example of Salvatori total look, with not only the floors and walls featuring the material, but also the bathtubs and cabinets.

DESIGNER: Armani Design Team

griglia2_4-3_armani-hotel-milan griglia2_4-3_armani-hotel-milan
griglia1_3-2_armani-hotel-milan griglia1_3-2_armani-hotel-milan
griglia4_3-2_armani-hotel-milan griglia4_3-2_armani-hotel-milan
griglia5_3-2_armani-hotel-milan griglia5_3-2_armani-hotel-milan